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Captain Robert Hood, son of Reuben Hood, Sr.
Samual Gatchell
Thomas Hood from VA, SC, TN, MO
James Cowin, Maughold, Isle of Man
Gatchell/Getchell genealogy
Louisa Cowen, m. John Caughman
Bertie Lee Jones (Roark)
Fulton - Hood Families, Coryell County, Texas
Hannah Berry, m. David Ray
Hood / Reed families
Hutcherson Family
(John?) Sheers Berry - m. Esther Woodward 1750
Hutcherson - Obion County, TN
Nathaniel Chambers
My Getchell-Berry-Harmon Machias Ancestors
Samuel Getchell
Gable/Gabel Family
Dorcas Ann Hood (1825-abt 1890) who married JohnCulpepper
Nathaniel Hood, the Surveyor
Elisha Hood
David Riley Hood - m. Margaret Ann Croney
William Hood & Sarah _____
Cowen, Callow Families, Maughold, Isle of Man
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Captain Robert Hood, son of Reuben Hood, Sr., Mecklenburg Co. NC

Roger, have you checked the Tunis Hood Family Book, published in Dellman O.Hood? Hoods of Mecklinburg County..etc? and I have someone in Georgia looking for his ancestor..when we talk, if you email me back..I'll put you in touch with him in reference to Gwinneth County, Georgia. I think that you are part of my Family because of Fluvanna, Texas & Coryell County....Do contact me.

V. Agliardo

ps...I looking for my lost grt.grt.grt granpa, Capt. Robert Hood of meckliburg county.. he sold his lands in 1835 and disappeared. my grt grt. granpa wound up in Tenn....but no records of Capt. Robert Hood, son of Rueben Hood, sr. of Mckb. Cnty NC.

Saturday, December 12, 1998 5:02 PM

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  Samual Gatchell

Hi my name is Douglas Milroy

I'am a Decendent of samual gatchell And I believe you may find a lot of information on this subject at the following web site.

This site containes more than 100 pages of Gatchell/Getchell Genealogy

Monday, August 17, 1998 10:10 AM
Doug Milroy

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  Thomas Hood from VA, SC, TN, MO

Sorry it has taken so long to reply. I am working on a Thomas Hood family from Va/SC/TN/MO. Thomas died somewhere aroung 1811 and he had married a Martha Onsby or Owensby. Thanks for seeing if there was a connection.

Saturday, October 03, 1998 7:29 PM
Bonnie in Alaska

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James Cowin, Maughold, Isle of Man

If you are willing to post my information and address I would appreciate it. I am not able to find my original letter from you but I assume you are researching "Cowin" at any rate I will send the descendants of my oldest Hogg's and Cowin's, as these will be continous. You can use what you will. I do not guarantee this is complete or accurate, but I would love to have someone prove me right or wrong.

I am sending a more complete picture of my ancestors in hopes it may reach a larger audience. I hope this is what you are looking for.

1.	James Hogg m. 23-May-1738, in Maughold, Isle of Man, Eng., Ann Crystney.
	 +	2.	i	James Hogg.
	 +	3.	ii	Michaell Hogg.
	  	4.	iii	Philip Hogg Bapt. 22-Feb-1746, Maughold, Isle of Man, Eng.

Second Generation

2.	James Hogg (1.James1) Bapt. 4-Mar-1738, Maughold, Isle of Man, Eng., m.
	23-Jul-1774, in Maughold, Isle of Man, Eng., Anne "Jane" Davies.
	 +	5.	i	Anne Hogg.
	  	6.	ii	James Hogg Bapt. 2-Nov-1777, Maughold, Isle of Man, Eng.
	 +	7.	iii	Jane Hogg.
	 +	8.	iv	John Hogg.
	 +	9.	v	Catharine Hogg.
	  	10.	vi	Margt Hogg Bapt. 5-Mar-1788, Maughold, Isle of Man, Eng.
	 +	11.	vii	Margaret "Peggey" Hogg.

3.	Michaell Hogg (1.James1) Bapt. 14-Oct-1740, Maughold, Isle of Man, Eng.,
	m. 6-Mar-1764, in Maughold, Isle of Man, Eng., Mary Cashin.
	  	12.	i	Jane Hogg Bapt. 4-Nov-1764, Maughold, Isle of Man, Eng.
	  	13.	ii	Anne Hogg Bapt. 14-Aug-1768, Maughold, Isle of Man, Eng.
	  	14.	iii	Anne Hogg Bapt. 10-Dec-1769, Maughold, Isle of Man, Eng.
	  	15.	iv	James Hogg Bapt. 22-Mar-1772, Maughold, Isle of Man, Eng.

Third Generation

5.	Anne Hogg (2.James2, 1.James1) Bapt. 8-Mar-1775, Maughold, Isle of Man,
	Eng., m. 27-Feb-1798, in Maughold, Isle of Man, Eng., Thomas Kelly.
	  	16.	i	Esther Kelly Bapt. 20-Jan-1799, Maughold, Isle of Man, Eng.
	  	17.	ii	Jane Kelly Bapt. 4-Apr-1802, Maughold, Isle of Man, Eng.
	  	18.	iii	Robert Kelly Bapt. 11-May-1806, Maughold, Isle of Man, Eng.
	  	19.	iv	James Kelly Bapt. 16-Oct-1808, Maughold, Isle of Man, Eng.
	  	20.	v	Thos Kelly Bapt. 3-Mar-1811, Maughold, Isle of Man, Eng.
	  	21.	vi	Margt Kelly Bapt. 20-Jun-1813, Maughold, Isle of Man, Eng.
	  	22.	vii	Catharine Kelly Bapt. 15-Oct-1815, Maughold, Isle of Man, Eng.
	  	23.	viii	Alice Kelly Bapt. 23-Apr-1820, Maughold, Isle of Man, Eng.

7.	Jane Hogg (2.James2, 1.James1) Bapt. 22-Nov-1778, Maughold, Isle of Man,
	Eng., m. 28-Aug-1802, in Maughold, Isle of Man, Eng., William Joughen.
	  	24.	i	Robt. Joughen Bapt. 17-Oct-1802, Maughold, Isle of Man, Eng.
	  	25.	ii	Catharine Joughen Bapt. 27-Jan-1805, Maughold, Isle of Man, Eng.
	  	26.	iii	Jane Joughen Bapt. 24-May-1807, Maughold, Isle of Man, Eng.
	  	27.	iv	William Joughen Bapt. 23-Apr-1809, Maughold, Isle of Man, Eng.
	  	28.	v	Ann Joughen Bapt. 12-Nov-1811, Maughold, Isle of Man, Eng.
	  	29.	vi	Margt Joughen Bapt. 20-Mar-1514, Maughold, Isle of Man, Eng.
	  	30.	vii	John Joughen Bapt. 15-Sep-1816, Maughold, Isle of Man, Eng.
	  	31.	viii	Danl Joughen Bapt. 4-Apr-1819, Maughold, Isle of Man, Eng.

8.	John Hogg (2.James2, 1.James1) Bapt. 26-Aug-1781, Maughold, Isle of Man,
	Eng., m. 22-Apr-1800, in Maughold, Isle of Man, Eng., Margaret Kirmeen.
	  	32.	i	Ann Hogg Bapt. 7-Jun-1800, Maughold, Isle of Man, Eng.
	  	33.	ii	Margt Hogg Bapt. 25-Jul-1802, Maughold, Isle of Man, Eng.
	  	34.	iii	John  Hogg Bapt. 29-Jul-1804, Maughold, Isle of Man, Eng.
	  	35.	iv	Eane Hogg Bapt. 25-Jan-1807, Maughold, Isle of Man, Eng.
	  	36.	v	James Hogg Bapt. 31-Dec-1809, Maughold, Isle of Man, Eng.
	  	37.	vi	Robert Hogg Bapt. 1-Mar-1812, Maughold, Isle of Man, Eng.
	  	38.	vii	Philip Hogg Bapt. 5-Sep-1813, Maughold, Isle of Man, Eng.
	  	39.	viii	Thomas Hogg Bapt. 22-Dec-1816, Maughold, Isle of Man, Eng.

9.	Catharine Hogg (2.James2, 1.James1) Bapt. 26-Sep-1784, Maughold, Isle of
	Man, Eng., m. 10-Feb-1810, in Maughold, Isle of Man, Eng., Daniel Joughin.
	  	40.	i	Catherine Joughin Bapt. 29-Apr-1810, Maughold, Isle of Man, Eng.
	  	41.	ii	Jane Joughin Bapt. 19-Jul-1812, Maughold, Isle of Man, Eng.
	  	42.	iii	Daniel Joughin Bapt. 26-Mar-1815, Maughold, Isle of Man, Eng.
	  	43.	iv	Margt Joughin Bapt. 20-Jul-1817, Maughold, Isle of Man, Eng.
	  	44.	v	John Joughin Bapt. 9-Sep-1821, Maughold, Isle of Man, Eng.
	  	45.	vi	William Joughin Bapt. 19-Sep-1824, Maughold, Isle of Man, Eng.

11.	Margaret "Peggey" Hogg (2.James2, 1.James1) Bapt. 30-Aug-1789,
	Maughold, Isle of Man, Eng., m. 19-May-1811, in Onchan, Isle of Man., Eng.,
	John Cowin, b. ??-___-178?.
	  	46.	i	John Cowin b. Onchan, Isle of Man., Bapt. 10-May-1812, St.
				Mathews, Douglas, Isle of Man, Eng.
	 +	47.	ii	James Cowin.
	  	48.	iii	Margaret Cowin b. Onchan, Isle of Man., Bapt. 21-Feb-1826,
				Onchan, Isle of Man.
	  	49.	iv	Eleanor Cowin Bapt. 19-Jul-1834, St. Mathews, Douglas, Isle of
				Man, Eng.

Fourth Generation

47.	James Cowin (11.Margaret3, 2.James2, 1.James1) b. Onchan, Isle of Man.,
	Bapt. 26-May-1816, Onchan, Isle of Man., occupation Miner/Labourer, m.
	19-Nov-1842, in Onchan, Isle of Man., Jane Clucas, Bapt. 20-Jun-1819,
	Lonan, Isle of Man, England, (daughter of John Clucas and Margaret
	Skillicorn) d. aft. 1861.  James died aft. 1861.
	  	50.	i	Joseph Cowin Bapt. 12-Nov-1843, Lonan, Isle of Man, England.
	  	51.	ii	Ann Cowin b. Lonan, Isle of Man, England, Bapt. 6-Jul-1845,
				Onchan, Isle of Man.
	 +	52.	iii	James Cowin.
	  	53.	iv	Margaret Cowin b. 30-Apr-1848, Onchan, Isle of Man., Eng.
	  	54.	v	John Cowin b. 12-Jan-1850, Whitebridge, Onchan, Isle of Man, Eng.
	  	55.	vi	Elizabeth Cowin b. Whitebridge, Onchan, Isle of Man, Eng., Bapt.
				2-May-1852, Onchan, Isle of Man.
	  	56.	vii	Robert Stephen Cowin Bapt. 6-Feb-1853, Saint Barnabas, Douglas,
				Isle of Man.
	  	57.	viii	Catherine Jane Cowin b. abt. 1854, Whitebridge, Onchan, Isle
				of Man, Eng.
	  	58.	ix	William Cowin b. abt.1857, Onchan, Isle of Man.
	  	59.	x	Sarah Jane Cowin Bapt. 20-May-1860, Onchan, Isle of Man.

Fifth Generation

52.	James Cowin (47.James4, 11.Margaret3, 2.James2, 1.James1) Bapt.
	16-Aug-1846, Onchan, Isle of Man., occupation Gaslighter, PallBearer, +, m.
	30-Apr-1872, in St. Sila Ch. Liverpool, Lanc., England, Margaret Ellen
	Jones, b. Abergele, DBG,, (daughter of John Jones and Margaret) d.
	29-May-1917, 49 Hatherley St. Toxteth Park, Liverpool, buried: 2-Jun-1917,
	Smithdown-road Cem. Liverpool, Eng.  James died 29-Apr-1923, 76 Harrowby
	Street, Liverpool Eng., buried: 2-May-1923, Smithdown-road Cem. Liverpool,
	  	60.	i	Helena Cowin b. Liverpool, Lanc.  Eng., Bapt. 20-Apr-1873, St.
				Sila Ch. Liverpool, Lanc., England.
	  	61.	ii	Robert James Cowin b. 18-Jun-1875, 24 Heath St.,  Liverpool,
				England, occupation R. R. Sectionman, Soldier, m. (1) 24-Jun-1894, in
				Parish Ch. Liverpool, England, Minnie Clayton, b. ??-___-1875, Manchester,
				Lanc., Eng., (daughter of Enoch Clayton and Sarah) d. 31-Oct-1895, City
				Hospital, Grafton St. Liverpool, buried: Toxteth Park, Cem. Liverpool Eng.,
				m. (2) 3-Mar-1897, in Christ Church Kensington, Liverpool Eng., Eleanor
				Jane Gale, b. 2-Jun-1876, Rushen, Isle of Man, Eng., (daughter of John Gale
				and Jane Cooil) occupation Homemaker, d. 6-Jun-1954, General Hosp. Cobourg,
				Ont. Can., buried: 9-Jun-1954, Union Cem. Cobourg, Ont. Can.  Robert died
				25-Feb-1920, At residence John St. Cobourg, Ont. Can., buried: 28-Feb-1920,
				Union Cem. Cobourg, Ont. Can.
	  	62.	iii	John Clucas Cowin b. ??-___-1878, Liverpool, Lanc.  Eng.,
				occupation Inspector (Gas Company), m. 30-Jan-1901, in Parish St. Cuprian,
				Edgehill, Liverpool, Margaret Jane Gale, b. 6-Dec-1880, Surby, Rushen, Isle
				of Man, (daughter of John Gale and Jane Cooil) d. 2-Dec-1948, 12 Circular
				Road, West Derby, Liverpool, buried: Everton Cem. Higher Lane, Liverpool
				Eng.  John died 14-Mar-1945, Liverpool, England, buried: Everton Cem.
				Higher Lane, Liverpool Eng.
	  	63.	iv	William Henry  Cowin b. ??-___-1880, Liverpool, West Derby,
				Eng., occupation Portmanteam Maker (1902), m. 1-Sep-1902, in St. Cuthbert's
				Parish Ch. Everton, Lanc., Nora Barnes, b. ??-___-1879, England, (daughter
				of William Barnes and Mary) d. 5-Sep-1960, Stawell, Victoria, Australia,
				buried: Cremated, Springvale, Melbourne,  Vic. Aust.  William died
				12-Oct-1950, At home, Auburn,Victoria, Aust., buried: Cremated, Springvale,
				Victoria, Aust.
	  	64.	v	Maude Cowin b. aft. 1881, m. (1) Jack Waite, m. (2) Arthur Eitner.
	  	65.	vi	Joseph Cowin b. ---___-1882, m. 26-Sep-1908, in St. Mary's
				Church, Mabel May Kirby, b. 27-Jul-1882, 28 Hawkridge St., Nottingham,
				Eng., (daughter of James Hallet Kirby and Eliza Halman) d. 23-Jul-1965,
				Covina, Cal., U.S.A., buried: 28-Jul-1965, Inglewood Park Cem. California,
				U.S.A.  Joseph died 9-Sep-1941, buried: 9-Sep-1941, Inglewood Park Cem.
				California, U.S.A.
	  	66.	vii	Eleanor "Lena" Cowin m. James Drennan.
	  	67.	viii	Albert Hugh "Bert" Cowin b. 4-Mar-1890, Liverpool, England,
				occupation Cabinet Maker,, m. 22-Sep-1913, in Cobourg, Ont. Can. Town Hall,
				Annie Gordon Williams, b. 2-Jul-1891, Aldershot, Surrey, Eng., (daughter of
				Harry Williams and Nancy Annie Ellis) occupation Homemaker, d. 7-Apr-1983,
				Cobourg, Ont. Can., buried: Union Cem. Cobourg, Ont. Can.  Albert died
				13-Apr-1961, General Hosp. Cobourg, Ont. Can., buried: Union Cem. Cobourg,
				Ont. Can.
	  	68.	ix	Thomas E. Cowin.

Sun 4/18/99 12:42 PM
David Cowin

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  Gatchell/Getchell genealogy

I'm researching the Gatchell/Getchell surname in America. I'd be interested in sharing what you might know about this family.

My own family tree is available online:

Friday, November 20, 1998 8:20 PM
Bill Gatchell

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  Louisa Cowen, m. John Caughman

Searching for a Louisa COWEN, who was married to John CAUGHMAN first marriage. John was killed 9 mi. south of Bowling Green, KY on Barren Fork Creek abt. 1793 and she remarried ___? If you run into this COWEN, please let me know.

Wednesday, August 26, 1998 6:21 AM
Peggy Sue LaPorte

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  Bertie Lee Jones (Roark)

Yes - I would like to see the other children of Mikaja Jefferson Jones. I have a GGrandfather Lewis (Louis) Jones that married and lived in the same general area [Coryell County, Texas - Editor]- had 4 known children: John Jones, Bertie Lee Jones, Vicie Jones, & Parl Jones.

Bertie Lee Jones born: Aug. 7, 1888 in Somervell County, TX (Tonk Nation outside Glen Rose, TX), died March, 4, 1972 in Harris Co., Houston, TX, buried in Bosque Co., Walnut Springs, TX, Oak Grove Cemetery. m. June 8, 1903 in Meridian, Bosque Co. TX. (June 6, 1903 Marriage Book H, pg. 2 Performed by W.H. Seale JP Precinct No.3 Bosque Co) Had 10 Children.+ Elijah Range Roark born: 1874 in Limestone Co.? TX Died 1933, in Bosque Co., Walnut Springs, TX, Oak Grove Cemetery. Son of John Andrew Roark and Elizabeth S. ??. Both also buried in same cemetery - same plot with Bertie & Elijah.

Bertie is the daughter of Louis S. (12-25-1850 to 9-22-1943) & Margaret A. Fowler (6-22-1848 to 12-25-1912) Jones married in 1898 in Al. - both buried in Oak Grove Cemetery in Walnut Springs, TX. - (Just up the hill from Bertie & Elijah) Louis S. and Margaret Fowler were born in Bount Co., Al. and so were her siblings. (Ellen Jones, John W. Jones b. 5-22-1878 in Haynesville, Al d. 2-15-1956 Hico TX, Pearl Jones Gaskill living in Venus, TX in 1956, & a possible sister Vicie) So sometime just before 1888, they moved to TX.

1880 Soundex Alabama

Lewis S. Jones age 27 Al Blount 1-8-15-20 (His tombstone is spelled Louis S.)
+Margarett age 28 AL (her tombstone is M.A.)
Ellen L. age 7 AL (b. abt 1872)
John W. age 2 AL (b. 5-22-1878 d. 2-15-1956)

(One other sister - possibly 2 - Pearl Jones Gaskill b. sometime between 1879 & 1886, and elusive sister Vicie - b. same time frame) 1890 Census would have helped!!

1900 Census Somervell Co. TX
Lewis Jones b. 12-1851 age 48 b. AL 98-138-7-41
+Margarette b. 6-1850 age 50 b. AL
Birttie b. 8/1887 age 12 b. TX (Was the youngest child)( b. 8-7-1888 d. 3-4-1972)

On Bertie's brother - John's funeral home information (1956), his wife is listed as Addie M. Jones of Hico, TX, his sister Pearl is listed as Pearl Gaskill from Venus, TX, his daughter is listed as Mrs. M.V. Coleman of Midland TX, his son is listed as Ralph D. Jones of Parsons, KS, and has 6 Grandchildren and 11 Great-Grandchildren. The Pallbearers were: Willard Leach, Johnnie Howerton, J.B. Woodard, Boyd McClure, Clarence Jackson, and Hershel Sherrard.

I am looking for the siblings of Bertie Lee Jones Roark and their descendants, I am also looking for the parents and siblings of Louis S. Jones and Margaret A. Fowler.

Fri 4/16/99 11:06 AM
Shelia Lee

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  Fulton - Hood Families, Coryell County, Texas

I noticed your posting on genforum.  I am researching a Fulton family that settled in Coryell in the 1870s and later removed to Lampasas Co., TX. One of the Fulton daughters, Mary Ann Bethenia "Mollie" (born 1848) married in Rainey Creek, Coryell Co., Texas in 1870 to Samuel W. Hood.  The couple had at least one child Mary born in 1872 and perhaps more children. 

I am searching for any clues that might help me identify Samuel W. Hood and find out what happened to this family.  Samuel Hood was recalled as being a wealthy farmer in Lampasas, but unlike the rest of the Fulton family and their relations, I can not find evidence that the Hoods stayed in Lampasas or were buried there.  Someone recalled a descendant that may have lived in El Paso, Texas. 

Does Samuel ring a bell?  It would make sense that Samuel would be a child of the William Henry Hood that you list.  Thanks for any help or clues you can offer.

Friday, April 16, 1999 6:24 AM
Daniel Mahar    JDM@LANDELS.COM.

p.s. - I also have a website at  I do not have much Hood information on it, but I do have a lot of Fulton family history.  I hope to add Hood once I figure out a way to present allied families.

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  Hannah Berry, m. David Ray

My ancestor married David Ray, Jan. 08 1695/6 ..Her name was Hannah Berry .... They had a son Samuel born Aug. 29, 1697 and a daughter Sarah born Aug. 08, 1700 .... Do you have any info on this Berry line ...........Thanks very much.

Friday, November 20, 1998 11:57 AM
Larry Ray

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Hood / Reed families

I have two surnames that co-inside with your names. James Jim Reed married Annie Hood . Anything like yours?

Thursday, December 31, 1998 2:46 PM

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Hutcherson Family

I am a descendant of N.Helen Hutcherson Clark daughter of Lewis and Sarah. Turner seemed to live with Helen Hutch in the 1870 so I assume they were siblings but would like to know more about the Hutchersons. Sure enjoyed what you put on the web site. So many generation and so far back, you must have done alot of good work to find out all that. Thanks for passing on the info via the net. Anxious to hear from you. Thought you might have a death date on my N.Helen Hutcherson. Thanks again

Sunday, January 03, 1999 4:18 PM
Vicki Vinyard

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(John?) Sheers Berry - m. Esther Woodward 1750

I now have the wife info for my John Berry, and more about Doeskin Hill, in Framingham, MA, where his father Shears was born. If you want to refresh my memory or let me know what missing links I had, maybe we can make the info more complete. Thanks!

I'm looking for the Berrys in my line prior to Sheers Berry (familytreemaker vol. 7, 4697), who married Esther Woodward of Needham, MA on 6/15/1750.

Esther was born 4/1/1732 in Needham, Norfolk County, MA. Sheers and Esther had a John (who had brothers Ephraim and Woodard). John had their grandson Benjamin Berry ( 10/10/1804, born in VT - died 12/31/1890, in Richford, Tioga County, NY).

Benjamin was married three times :

1, on 1/2/1831, to my Pamela Holden (b 5/20/1811 Norridgwock, ME, died 7/12/1836, Richford, NY)

2, to Angeline Gross, on 8/25/1836, had Eli Berry (1/9/1839- d. 1929, Washington, DC), who was in the Civil War, and my mother met. (mom is 85), and

3, to "Aunt Peggy" = Margaret Rockefeller, widow of Billy Rockefeller (brother of John D. Rockefeller, who was born in Richford on the farm opposite Ben's), m. on 6/28/1883, no children. This Benjamin Berry was father of my great grandmother, Anna Sophronia Berry (10/12/1831-3/31/1898) and her younger sister Matilda, by Pamela Holden. (Anna married Henry Wilcox, had two sons Smith (Wilcox, Nebraska is named for his sodbuster's stake there) and John, (Smith and John have no living issue) then widowed, and married my great grandfather, Mason Solomon Wheaton, who was also widowed and a neighbor in Richford.

Ben Berry's father was John Berry, baptized 7/26/1772 in Rutland, MA-died 1842. John Berry's brothers Ephraim and Woodard stayed in VT and were Green Mt. boys- must have been older, as they were in the Revolutionary War. I don't have John Berry's wife's name. We previously though John's father's name was John Shears Berry, but since his mother was Esther Woodward and had the correct/exact marriage date that we had, are believing familytreemaker that his name was Sheers. Our John Berry went to NY state.

I saw several John Berry's in your listing of the Berrys of Maine. One was born 7 Apr. 1732, son of Capt. Joseph and Lydia Berry. (footnote *17*, per Noyes) He would have been the right age (18 yrs old in 1750) to have married Esther Woodward, and since we previously thought this ancestor's first name was John (Shears Berry), it looks plausible. My grandfather Henry Wheaton's unpublished memoirs have a paragraph about the Berry boys "trucking it" to VT from MA . I don't know what they were trucking/farm produce?

Any info you can provide will help.

Wednesday, December 23, 1998 9:14 PM
Alice Carmel, Cambridge

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Hutcherson - Obion County, TN

I was hoping to get your help in sorting out the list of Obion County, TN marriages below. Based on information that I've gotten from Al Hutchison and Vicki Vinyard, plus information that Carol and Bill Cook have posted on the Obion website and some Obion census info, I've been able to place some of these marriages within several Obion Hutchi(n)son family groupings (see below).

By 1850 I know of 3 Hutchi(n)son families, and possibly a 4th, living in Obion County. These are:

1. The children of William B. Hutchison (deceased by 1850) - this is Al Hutchison's line of Hutchisons. William B. was probably from Lancaster/York county, SC.

2. Samuel Hutchison and his children - this is Gaylon Fry's line of Hutchisons. Samuel was probably from Lancaster/York county, SC also and related to William B.

3. William and Isabella Hutchinson - we don't know how/if this family relates to the first two, but William was born in NC. Their daughter Mary "Polly", b. 1842 AL, married in 1866 James H. HANCOCK, Bill's ancestor.

4. (possible) Lewis Malone Hutchinson, d. 1849, who married Sarah Broom. Lewis' daughter Nancy Helen Hutchinson is Vickie's ancestor. We don't how this famly relates to the other 3, if at all. I don't know where Lewis M. Hutchinson was born.

I would very much appreciate if you could identify the marriages which are not grouped below that belong to your family. I'm trying to help Gaylon figure out who Samuel Hutchison's children were by process of elimination.

Also, Carol, your information about the Lewis M. Hutchinson's children comes from a book about the Malone family by Randolph Malone Wilmouth. I was wondering what Randolph's source of information about Lewis' children was?

Thank you for your help.

-Debra Lowe

(Wm B.'s son) p. 281 William Hutchison to Mollie Jackson 8 Jun 1865
(Wm B.'s daughter) p. 15 Martha Hutchinson - Eleazer Harris 15 Apr 1833
Bond Issued.
(Wm B.'s daughter) p. 174 M.E. Hutchinson to Abraham B. Enloe 1 May 1856

Vicki's (daughters of Lewis Malone Hutcherson)
p. 219 N.H. Hutchinson to W.F. Clark 8 Dec 1859
p. 95 Elizabeth B. Hutchison to Wilson R. Hogue 20 Apr 1848
p. 136 Amanda Hutchinson to Tiller Ship 9 Dec1852

(Samuel's daughter) p. 161 Nancy Hutchinson to Thomas Wade 30 Jan 1855
(note: 1860 Obion census shows N. Wade, wife of T. Wade, to be born in KY, so this is not the Nancy, b. AL, daughter of William and Isabella H. found in the 1850 Obion census)

William and Isabella Hutchinson's children:
p. 166 Ewell C. Hutchinson to Sarah Jane Fost 28 Jul 1855
p. 128 Rachel A. Hutchinson to Richard M. Neel 5 Oct 1851

(Al, do you have further information on these three marriages in your books?)

p. 208, Hutcheson, James M.
p. 293 J.R.P. Hutchinson - 1870's marriage
p. 310 Polly A. Hutchinson - 1860's marriage (I think this must be Bill's, but without a date...)
p. 183 James Hutchinson to Louisa Turner 16 Dec 1856
p. 121 John Hutchinson to Nancy Lovin 23 Feb 1851
(This one is not Al's son of William B. Hutchison (John Henry H.) who died before 1850)
p. 315 Joseph Hutchinson - 1867 marriage
p. 315 M.A. Hutchinson - 1867 marriage
p. 244 William Hutchinson to Mrs. Eliza Massengale 15 Dec 1861
p. 174 William H. Hutchison to Mary Ellen Ray 4 May 1856
p. 230 Lewis Hutchison to Jane Huffstutter 19 Apr 1865 Issued
p. 247 Mary Ann Hutchison to Henry Buchanan 22 Apr 1862

Saturday, February 13, 1999 6:48 PM
Debra Lowe

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Nathaniel Chambers

I have never been able to place your Mary Matilda in a fam group. The info I have also says she was b in Ireland and therefore IF that is true she wouln't be d/o Nat or John.

Friday, July 10, 1998 12:26 AM
Cindy Holsapple-Boone

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My Getchell-Berry-Harmon Machias Ancestors

I enjoyed reading your Berry-Getchell web site,

Betsey Getchell marries JAPHET, however, not Joseph Harmon. Japhet (1781-1859) was an East Machias shipbuilder, and had approximately 90 grandchildren. (Japhet is my 3rd great-grandfather.)

According to a Maine Society of the Sons of the American Revolution publication entitled "Maine in War . . . ", Portland, 1897:

"Joseph Getchell, Jr., [wife of Sally Berry Getchell] served on Captain Jeremiah O'Brien's sloop "Unity" at the capture of the British schooner "Margaretta," June 12, 1775; and at the capture of the "Diligence," and her armed cutter "Tatmagouch," July 14, 1775.

"Joseph Getchell, Sr., was one of the volunteer crew of the sloop "unity," commanded by Capt. Jeremiah O'Brien at the capture of the British armed schooner "Margartta,: June 12, 1775; also at the capture of the British schooner "Diligence," and her cutter "Tatmagouch," July 14, 1775. He was also a private of Artillery in Capt. John Preble's Co., 1777, and was a pensioner."

Keep in touch with your Getchell-Berry research.

Thursday, December 10, 1998 10:10 PM
Richard Falknor in Port Republic, Maryland

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Samuel Getchell

hi, roger i don't know if we have talked before about getchells, i am a getchell from Sam I. line in England, would like to exchange inform, thanks for yr time, Sincerely T.J.GETCHELL.

Monday, October 19, 1998 4:06 PM
T.J. Getchell

all i ask is that u ck on my web page once in a while to keep up with updates, k, i am doing my web page over, cause of so much update stuff, so we can all have the same infor. on the getchell's line, bye for now.

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Gable/Gabel Family


My own line of Gable descent is from a 1740s immigrant to SC, but I enjoyed visiting your website and learning more about another Gabel/Gable line.

I have a website on descendants of the SC immigrant at I would appreciate your letting me know if anything on the Southern Gable family ever surfaces in your research or correspondence.

Thursday, April 15, 1999 8:29 AM
Carl Gable

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roger great home page. I am forwarding it to another cousin (who I met on the net who is writing a book on the GABELS. He is also a cousin. Many thanks. He would like to talk to you. Maybe someday we can all meet. His name is Tim Mielke and his e-mail is Your home page is good. Who was Peter Gabel?

many thanks ROBIN

Wednesday, March 17, 1999 6:59 PM
robin davis

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Dorcas Ann Hood (1825-abt 1890) who married JohnCulpepper


I found your website on the Hood family of Mississippi and was hoping that you could assist me. I am trying to establish the parentage of Dorcas Ann Hood who was born about 1825 in Mississippi. She was married August 15, 1842 in Lawrence County, Mississippi to John Abb Culpepper. John was born abt 1824 in Mississippi and died April 12, 1863 in Vicksburg in the Civil War. I don't have a map in front of me, so I can't really tell the geographical location of Chrystal Springs and Lawrence County, so there may or may not be any relation here. But nevertheless, I would appreciate any help you could offer :)

Friday, March 05, 1999 10:45 PM
Chris Allen Clark
Jackson, Mississippi

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Nathaniel Hood, the Surveyor


My wife was Jody Hood, her father was born in Dodge Co. GA in 1889. He family came through Nathaniel the Surveyor (related to Daryl Hood etc.) I find it interesting that you have posted so much about the LDS Family History Centers as I worked as a volunteer in one for several years. I also found it interesting that you have Hatch and Dunlop family since they also come into our families but not in connection with the Hood and not in connection with the South. I'll review your data very closely with my families but don't think we are related except through the LDS Church, or at least the Family History Centers.

Tuesday, March 16, 1999 8:24 PM
Mike Jensen

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Elisha Hood

Hello, Im a GGGgrandson of Elisha Hood. His son JVRR Hood, his son George washington Hood, and his daughter Lillie Mae Hood{Glover} are my line. I think you are from the same line from the info in the GenForum. Do you have info of the people mentioned.

Wednesday, February 10, 1999 10:09 AM
Clarence B. Glover

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David Riley Hood - m. Margaret Ann Croney

Hi, my name is Ron Hood and I'm searching for Information on my families roots. While searching the internet genealogy sites I came across your name as having some "possible" information involving the HOOD surname.

I'm contacting you to see if possibly we can help each other on our search!

My family can be traced as follows:

DAVID RILEY HOOD b. ? d. ? married a MARGARET ANN CRONEY b. ? d. ? both listed their places of birth as being in Alabama. Their children are John Erwin HOOD and Jim HOOD

JOHN ERWIN HOOD b. 9-20-1871 in ?, Alabama, d. 12-22-1941, in Lee Co, AR. On December 24, 1904, in either Forrest City, Goodwin, or Marianna, AR. John Hood married an ADA LEATHERWOOD, b. 2-16-1890, in Searcy, Arkansas and d. 1-30-1977 in Little Rock, Arkansas.

Ada Hood's mother's maiden name is ? Hightower. Ada had a sister named Gracie. It is believed that they (Ada & Gracie) are from the Searcy, AR area.

John and Ada's children are:

Velma Melissa b. 1-22-1909
Wilmoth Elizabeth b. 6-18-1911
Cecil Erwin B. 10-09-1912
John Doris b. 4-11-1924
and Vivian b.? d.?

The information I've been able to obtain indicates that John and Ada Hood lived in the NW section of Mississippi and in the 1930's they lost all of their possessions (including family Bible, photographs, etc.) in a "major flood" in this area. They then migrated to western Tenn. and finally into eastern Ark. where they remained.

John Hood is believed to have a brother named JIM HOOD. Ada Hood along with her sisters were adopted but were able to remain in contact with one another.

Any information or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Sunday, December 13, 1998 3:17 PM
Ron Hood

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William Hood & Sarah _____

I don't really have much, but at least there's a source:

Descendants of William Hood

Generation No. 1

1. WILLIAM1 HOOD was born About 1725. He married SARAH ??.

"The Hoods migrated to Gwinnett County, Georgia from the Waxhaw section of North Carolina and South Carolina, where the earliest known ancestor, William Hood, was granted 275 acres in 1744. Half of that land was deeded by William and Sarah Hood to their son, Allen Hood, who was in the American Revolution 1780-1781. When Allen Hood died in 1827, the land was divided among the following heirs: Eli, John, Hugh, James, Allen and Henry Hood, plus Ann and her husband James Greer, Bethia and her husband Andrew Gamble, Betty Stewart and Joseph Massey. Massey was the widower of Martha Hood, who died in 1826."

Gwinnett County Families 1818-1968. Edited by Alice Smythe McCabe, Atlanta. Cherokee Publishing Company. 1980.

Child of WILLIAM HOOD and SARAH ?? is:

2.   i.   ALLEN2 HOOD, b. About 1750; d. 1827.

Generation No. 2

2. ALLEN2 HOOD (WILLIAM 1) was born About 1750, and died 1827.

Children of ALLEN HOOD are:

i.   MARTHA T.3 HOOD, b. About 1775; d. 1826; m. JOSEPH MASSEY, August 1806.
ii.   JAMES HOOD, b. 23 September 1789, Lancaster District, South Carolina; d. 29 July 1861; m. JEANETTE LETEA DUNLAP.

Fill me in.

Monday, April 13, 1998 8:45 AM
John Foster

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  Cowen, Callow Families, Maughold, Isle of Man

1851 Maughold
, 01-15, 50, Ballakilley
COWIN, Wm, Head, Widower, 67, Farm 32 Ac Emp 2 Labs, Rushen
COWIN, Mary,Daughter, Unmarried, 25, Housekeeper, Maughold
CORKILL, Robert, Nephew, , 9, Scholar, Maughold
CRYSTREY, Thomas,Servant, , 17, Farm Servant, Andreas

1861 Maughold
Index Only
Maughold 1 4
William Cowin 77 b Rushen
Mary Cowin 34 b Maughold
Robert Corkill 19 b Maughold

William Cowin md Catherine Callow 15 Aug 1814 Rushen
Didn't look up all the children:
William baptised 11 Aug 1818 Maughold
William baptised 21 Jun 1819 Maughold
Edward baptised 16 Jan 1820 Maughold
Thomas baptised 18 May 1823 Maughold
Mary baptised 12 Jun 1825 Maughold

There is a William Cowin baptised 6 Oct 1784 Rushen s/o Edward Cowin and Mary Molvreedy

In Rushen burial records there is:
Edward Cowin drowned buried 19 Jan 1819 *
Margaret Cowin widow 68 buried 1 Jul 1832

*Edward Cowin with two others,Thomas Corkill and William Waterson of Ringwillin were drowned near Bunrower on Saturday night 17th Inst. having left Port St Mary about one or two o'clock the same night, after having brought an Irish vessel safe into the harbour--the night was stormy and it is to be feared they were not sober, having risked too much in putting to sea again in a small open boat. Edward buried 19th January 1819, Thomas Corkill found 23rd buried 24th January, William Waterson buried February 15th


Cowen, William (also Cowin)
b. c. 1770-1790
Isle of Man, British Isles
m. bef. 1817, Catherine Callow
d. 1862
Isle of Man

Callow, Catherine
b. c. 11 Nov. 1791
Isle of Man, British Isles
m. bef. 1817, William Cowen (Cowin)
d. 1847
Isle of Man

they had a son,

Cowen, William Edward
b. 14 May 1817/18
Isle of Man, British Isles
m. 1849, Eliza McClure
prob. Canada
d. 25 Oct. 1899

Monday, June 29, 1998 7:03 PM
Donna J. Douglass
Gig Harbor Washington USA
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