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Laws, Regulations, Rules & Codes Resources & Journals Legal Search Engines
Courts - Texas Research Links - General Multiple Simultaneous Search Engines (general searches)
Texas State Government and Quasi-Governmental Sites Law Schools CLE Sources
U.S. Federal Courts & Cases Legal Indexes Finding Lawyers
U.S. Government Agencies Standard Transactional and Other Forms for Texas Environmental Law & Resources
Foreign Law & Courts Legal Directories & Related Resources - General Other Useful Legal Stuff

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Laws, Regulations, Rules & Codes

The Texas Statutes

 The Texas Register

 Texas Attorney General Opinions

 Texas Penal Code

 Texas Administrative Code

 The Texas State Constitution

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Courts - Texas

Texas State Courts

 Texas Supreme Court

 5th District Court of Appeals - Dallas

 Texas Court of Criminal Appeals Opinions

 Texas Court of Appeals - 8th District

 U.S. District Court - Eastern District of Texas

 U.S. District Court - Northern District of Texas

 U.S. District Court - Southern District of Texas

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Texas State Government & Quasi-Governmental Sites

Office of the Governor

 Texas House of Representatives

 The Texas Senate

 State Auditor's Office

 Texas State Government Pathfinder

 Texas Workers' Compensation Commission

 Ethics Commission's Web Site

 Alcoholic Beverage Commission (TABC)

 Department of Public Safety

 Highway Patrol Association

 Texas Department of Banking

 More state Agencies

 Window on State Government (Comptroller's Office)

 Texas Child Support Evaders

 The Texas Administrative Law Handbook

 Law Enforcement Associations of Texas

 Crime Victims' Compensation Program
  State of Texas Legal Research

 State Court Directory - searchable descriptive index of state court resources througout U.S.

 Piper Resources guide to all Texas agencies' & cities' websites on Net

 Municipal Code Database compiled by the Municipal Code Corporation, including many Texas cities

 National Association of Secretaries of State - excellent tool for finding the administrative codes and registers for most of the US (30 at last count) including Texas

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US Fed. Courts, Law & Cases

Internet Sleuth - Judicial Branch - from one site you can search the Code of Federal Regulations, Federal Register, Federal Rules of Civil Procedure, Federal Rules of Evidence, Federal Rules of Judicial Conduct, Public Laws (last 2 Congresses), Rules of the Supreme Court, Unified (regulatory) Agenda; plus a good set of links!

U.S. Federal Courts Finder

U.S. Federal Courts Finder

 Federal Law locator from GSA

 U.S. Constitution

 U.S. Code - searchable

 U.S. Code of Federal Regulations - searchable

 U.S. Federal Register - searchable

 U.S. Supreme Court Cases

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US Government Agencies

Cyberpage - US Treasury Dept.

 EDGAR (Securities & Exchange Commission)

Fed Web

GovBot Database - collection of nearly 5 Million web pages from US government and military sites

United States Department of Justice Home Page

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Foreign Law & Courts

Swiss Law

Central and East European Legal, Political, Business and Economics WWW Resources

Department of Justice Canada

Internet Legal Resources (from Canadian lawfirm)

Legal Research - The Australian Perspective

Canadian Internet Environmental Resources

Canadian Intellectual Property Office (CIPO) - 75+ years of bilingual Canadian patents

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Resources and Journals

Texas Law Pipeline (State Bar of Texas Computer Section)

 Texas Legal Research Internet Sites - Terrific site!

 Texas Lawyer's TexLaw - online service of the Texas Lawyer

 Texas Municipal Courts Education Center - includes municipal codes, Texas Rules of Evidence

 Texas State Law Library

 Texas Review of Law & Politics - law review-style articles with conservative emphasis

 Texas International Law Journal - abstracts, full-text by subscription

 Texas Journal of Women and the Law - abstracts, full-text by subscription

 Texas Intellectual Property Law Journal - abstracts, full-text by subscription

 Computer Law Review and Technology Journal (State Bar of Texas / SMU Law School)

 Texas Trial Lawyers Association - consumer & other fields; litigation emphasis

 Texas Young Lawyers Association (TYLA)

 Texas Academy of Family Law Specialists (had trouble with link - may be broken)

 ACLU Texas (link definitely broken - email me with correct link!)

 Texas Land Title Association

 Texas Political Resource Page

 Texas Historical Commission

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Research Links- General

Legal Research Room via Law Office Technology

 WashLaw Web - Outstanding collection of legal research links, by Washburn Law School.

 Legal Research on the Internet

 Counsel Quest - good links

 Rutgers School of Law - links and stuff

 LSU - Legal Resources Links

 The Internet Lawyer

 West Publishing

 Law Research

 Legal Information Center

 Law Marks

 Chicago-Kent's Lawlinks Index

 RJE Directory of Banks (Bankweb)

 WWW Virtual Library: Law

 Law Sources On-Line

 Gopher Menu for Interesting collection of documents (full-text), mainly US political and legal, some Australian and Canadian; also Constitutions from various countries.

 ABA LawLink Legal Research

 Government & Law

 Internet Legal Resource Guide

 Internet Legal Services Directory

 Hieros Gamos - Law-Related Sites

 ILRG's Legal Indices and Search Engines

 Resources on the Internet - UCLA

 P-LAW Legal Resource Locator - Miscellaneous Sites

 Law and Court Related Web Sites

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Law Schools

Texas Tech Law Review

 University of Houston Law School

 Texas Southern School of Law

 South Texas College of Law

 Texas Wesleyan Law School

 Baylor University Law School

 SMU University Law School

 University of Texas School of Law

 Course Outlines - Texas Tech Law School (click on Law Computer Society / Outlines)

 Alphabetic list of Law Schools

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Legal Indexes

The Meta-Index for US Law (Excellent)


 SearchLaw by Washburn University School of Law - particularly complete for federal courts and sources.

 American Law Sources Online - nicely done index to North American original sources - including Canada and Mexico.

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Standard Transactional and Other Forms for Texas


 Lectric Law Library - Forms General business & real estate forms - beware: may not be Texas-specific!

 Capsoft Template forms You can buy forms templates, with their proprietary software to run them (not free! - their Texas Real Estate set is $99 at last notice)

 Legal and Business forms - Texas Outstanding set of links to sources for forms, from the Texas Law Librarians' Home Page.

 Legal and Business forms - General More good stuff from the Texas Law Librarians.

 Texas Corporation forms promulgated by the Texas Secretary of State's Office.

 Texas Probate Forms from Barnes & Karisch, PC.

 Texas Statutory Forms from the Texas Secretary of State's office.

 Forms from the US District Court, ND Texas

 LawSmart - Legal Documents and Forms (not Texas-specific)

My thanks to the Texas Librarians' website, from which I borrowed the last several links!
FindLaw -links to free and fee-based forms, various jurisdictions

 Legal Documents Online (general, not Texas-specific) some free, some pay

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Legal Directories & Related Resources - General

Chicago-Kent College of Law Home Page

 Washburn Web - Excellent Starting Point

 Law Book Network


 Nolo Press

  Nolo's Legal Encyclopedia - variety of legal topics

 American Standard Law Dictionary

 Oran's Legal Dictionary - from West Publishing

 Jeff Flax's Law Related Resources

 Galaxy's Law Page

 Federal Web Locator


 Library of Congress Online Services

 Govt. Printing Office Gate at University of California

 THE 'LECTRIC LAW LIBRARY'S(TM) ROTUNDA -Outstanding resource!

 Legal Resources - PINKY - One of the Best!

 LLR Browser Selection Page Links (self-help law press)

 Counsel Quest legal information clearinghouse

 Counsel Connect Web

 LawInfo (locating attorneys, organizations)

 Law Guru Good starting point for research.

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Legal Search Engines

FindLaw - LawCrawler

 Virtual Legal Search Engines

 Keyword Search Internet- Washlaw WWW

 Thomas - Legislative Info from the Library of Congress

 CataLaw MetaIndex of worldwide law sources, by subject or region & also searching for attorneys, listservs, employment, lots of other good stuff!

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Multiple Simultaneous Search Engines (general searches)

FAST Search - not a true simultaneous search engine, but check it out! It purports to have indexed over 600 million individual web pages - several times that of the next most inclusive search engine. It is also amazingly fast.

Cyber 411 - Sixteen Search Engines, One Query (this one is my favorite)

 Internet Sleuth - several varieties of multiple search engines

 SavvySearch (11 WWW engines)

 MetaCrawler simultaneous search & verify (8 WWW engines)

 Dogpile, the Friendly Multi-Engine Search Tool (14 WWW engines) reports 10 best hits from each engine.

 or, for more power ...
Dogpile on Steroids (25 WWW engines) customize your search from 25 choices.

 CUSI - Multiple search pathways, but only one at a time

 Fly Catcher (7 WWW engines)

 MetaSearch (unsure how many)

 Prime Search 32 different search engines (at last count) split into four categories.

 Mamma "the Mother of all Search Engines" (unsure how many)

 Profusion from University of Kansas (7 WWW search engines)

 Search.Com a service of C|Net (unsure how many)

 Debriefing (6 WWW engines)

 The Spicy Site (I didn't name it!) 16 WWW engines - one at a time.

 Proteus Advanced Search - interesting search engine ... allows you to structure your query up to ten ways, but then you have to chose one of nine popular search engines.

 Google (Beta) - OK, not a multiple search engine, but a very good one that chooses relevant sites based on the number and quality of links to that site by other sites

 The Mining Co. - not multiple but incredibly useful in some instances - powered by human researchers - what a concept!

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CLE Sources

State Bar of Texas

 State Bar of Texas -- Professional Development

 Bar Associations

 American Bar Assn - CLE pages

 ALI-ABA Committee on Continuing Legal Education Home Page

 Dallas (Texas) Bar Association

 Travis County, Texas (Austin) Bar Association

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Finding Lawyers

Finding Lawyers - several search engines

 Martindale Hubbell Lawyer Locator

 Another Martindale Hubbell lawyer locater form

 West's Legal Directory

 FindLaw: Lawyers and Law Firms

 Lawyer Indices

 Finding Courts and Judges (West's Legal Directory)

 Legal Aid in Texas - fill in city to locate Legal Aid attorneys.

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Environmental Law & Resources

Voluntary Cleanup

Texas Natural Resources Conservation Commission Home Page

Environmental Protection Agency

CERCLIS Query Form

Substantive Law on the Web

Yahoo! - Society and Culture:Environment and Nature:Law

American Bar Association Section of Natural Resources, Energy, and Environmental Law

Search the EPA Server

Environmental Law WWW Site

Environmental Law I - British Columbia, Canada

EPA Envirofacts Querying Capability

Pace University Law School Virtual Environmental Law Library

The Environmental News Network

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Other Useful Legal Stuff

Legal Dictionary

Law Journal Extra! - Table of Contents

Computer Law Observer: Legal issues

Consumer Laws

Complete Legal Documents - various sources

Electronic Banking Resource Center

Dictionaries, Thesauri & other reference works

 One Look offers 63 specialized dictionaries in various disciplines

 ABA Citation Guide - the ABA's universal citation system recommendation to the courts.

 How to conduct legal research on the Internet by Lyonette Louis-Jacques - a very nice overview of the resources and types of research opportunities on the Web, with tons of links.

 InSITE Cornell University Law Library newsletter archive: for announcements of key Internet resources.

 Legal News Sources by The Mining Company - an ever-changing list to help keep you up to date.

 "How to Find Cases on the Internet" by LegalOnline (revised August 1998).

 Five-Star Rated Legal Websites by LegalOnline.

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