The Legion Of Mary

The Legion of Mary in Bangalore and Karnataka

The object of the Legion of Mary is for the Glory of God through the sanctification of its members by prayer and active cooperation under ecclesiastical guidance in Mary's and Christ's work of crushing the head of the serpent and advancing the reign of Christ. The Legion of Mary was founded by Brother Francis Duff on 16th September 1933 at Dublin. He has already been beatified. Edel Quinn, born in Ireland on 14th September 1907 joined the Legion of Mary at the age of 20, and gave herself entirely to the Legion Apostolate. In 1936, she went to Africa as Mary's Envoy. Inspite of her ill health, she mobilised thousands of Africans in the service of the Church. After 8 years of heroic life, she died at Nairobi on 12th May, 1944. She has already been venerable. The Legionaries are the soldiers of Mary. They should love one another, work for those who are spiritually poor, and win them over to Christ. They should lead exemplary lives, imitate the virtues of Our Lady, an help the ecclesiastical authorities in their pastoral; work to bring souls to Christ.

The first Praesidium "Comforter of the Afflicted" was started in St. Patrick's Church on 9th November, 1936 by Sr. Mary Evorette, a Legionary of Madras. It composed of ladies only. The first Spiritual Director was late Fr. I. Vampenee, the then Parish Priest of St. Patrick's Church. The Executive Officers were the late Dr. (Miss) D. Santos of Bowring Hospital (President), late Miss. Enid Prince Smith (Vice President), late Miss. Marie Alveres (Secretary), late Mrs. Dulcine Monterio (Treasurer). It was the first lady's Praesidium consisting of 17 members, which gave birth to future formation of many junior, senior, curiae, curitium not only in Bangalore, but also throughout the State of Mysore ( now known as Karnataka State). After the establishment of many Praesidia Curiae in various parishes of Bangalore, the first English Comitium was inaugurated on 26th April 1949, consisting of members speaking English, Tamil and Kannada. In the year 1966, the Most Rev. Dr. Lourduswamy (at present Cardinal in Rome) the then Archbishop of Bangalore permitted the formation of three Comitia for English, Tamil and Kannada. The late Miss Leela Bantleman was the first President of the English Comitium, followed by late Dr. (Miss) Dominic. Late Brother Francis Xavier was the president of the Tamil Comitium, and late Brother Royappa, the president of the Kannada Comitium. These three Comitium were merged and the Karnataka Regia was inaugurated in January 1980 under the guidance of the Most Rev. Dr. P. Arokiaswamy, the then Archbishop of Bangalore. The Karnataka Regia celebrated its Golden Jubilee on 22nd February 1987; and the Platinum Jubilee on 3rd & 4th August 1996.

The Legion of Mary has spread from Bangalore throughout the State of Karnataka, and at present there are 2 Comitiums, one in Mysore and the other at Mangalore; 21 Curiae were formed, 15 in Bangalore 6 outstation; and 5 directly affiliated Praesidiums.

Brother C.R.T. Noronha, President, Queen of Hope Curia

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