I am in fact not a Mormon. I am Jewish scholar. Many years ago I came to the conclusion that the New Testament is a Jewish book. I did not convert to Christianity or join any Christian Church, I simply conluded that Yeshua (Jesus) was the Jewish Messiah of Judaism and still practice Judasim. Ever since that time I have studied the New Testament as a Jewish book.

A few months ago I also came to the conclusion that the Book of Mormon is a Jewish book. Again I did not go and join any of the various Book of Mormon Churches (LDS, RLDS, Strangite or Briktonite). I continue to practice Judaism in light of the New Testament and the Book of Mormon, and interpret both as Jewish books.

My reasons for remaining annonymous are obvious. These conclusions, if attached to me, would ruin me as a reliable Jewish scholar. The website allows me an outlet to pblish my conclusions, without ruining my reputation. It is my hope that the ideas expressed will:

* Help all Book of Mormon users better understand the book.

* Force other Jewish scholars to think about what I have said.

* Flush other like minded Jews out of the woodwork so that we might corespond and gather together at some point.

Hope this helps,

Shalom, Rabbi Yosef