WRK4US -- Guest Speaker Series

The following conversations originally took place on an email discussion list called WRK4US, which was founded by Paula Foster in 1999 as a place for people with graduate education in the Humanities to discuss nonacademic careers.

Because WRK4US has a confidentiality policy, all subscriber email addresses have been removed, and all names (except for Paula Foster's and the Guest Speakers') have been either removed or reduced to two initials which are different from the person's real initials. All discussions have been edited by Wendy Waters.

If you like this discussion and would like to subscribe to WRK4US, send an email message to saying subscribe WRK4US Your Name, or email Paula at

Discussion 1: Technical Writing
Tom Wilk (ABD), Battelle

Discussion 2: Consulting
Dan Dieterich, Ph.D.
Mike Thomas, Ph.D.

Discussion 3: Identifying and Communicating Your Transferable Skills
Russell Kitchner, Ph.D. Associate Director of the Career Center and Manager of Graduate Student Career Services at the University of Notre Dame
Robin B. Wagner, Ph.D., Associate Director for Graduate Services Career and Placement Services at the University of Chicago

Discussion 4: Careers in the Info-Tech/Dot-Com Industries
Mark Johnson, Ph.D., Director of Product Management for Bidland Systems
Gene Lewis, M.B.A., Vice President of Software Development
Kay Peterson, Ph.D., Manager of Editorial Services at, Inc.
Wendy Waters, Ph.D., Manager of Content Editing at

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