John Scott’s Heirs

York County, Pennsylvania
April 22, 1854
Page 798

John Scott’s Heirs
Gawin Scott

To all to whom these presents shall come and whom it may concern, Greeting. Whereas John Scott late of Lower Chanceford township in York County, Pennsylvania deceased, died in testate, seized and possessed at the time of his death among other lands of a certain tract of Eighty-three Acres and thirteen perches and the allowance of land situated in said township of Lower Chanceford, and leaving a widow, Sarah Scott and four children, to wit: Gawin, John, Robert S. and Elizabeth, who is now the widow of Joseph Stokes deceased, who are the legal heirs of the estate of the said John Scott, deceased. Here know Ye, that the said John Scott and Sarah Scott his wife, Robert S. Scott and Elizabeth Scott his wife, and Elizabeth Stokes being three of the heirs of the aforesaid John Scott deceased for and in consideration of certain valuable considerations moving us thereto and by us received from our brother Gawin Scott and also of the further sum of one dollar to us in hand paid by him the said Gawin Scott the receipt whereof we hereby acknowledge. We have and hereby do grant bargain and sell, release and confirm unto him the said Gawin Scott and to his heirs and assigns all that our respective fourth parts of the following described part of the above mentioned tract of land whereof our father, John Scott died, seized as aforesaid—to wit: Beginning at a stone at the road and land of N.W.Scott, Esq. And running by said land 66 f. to a chestnut N 24. E 39. to a white oak N 11. W 32 ˝ to a hickory N 16. E. 30 to a chestnut N 58 E 8 ˝ to a stone, then by the other part of the whole tract S. 2. E. 41.4 to a gum S. 2 ˝ W. 51.6 to a small hickory S. 12 ˝ E. 41 to a stone S. 85 W. 7 to a stone S. 2 ˝ E. 28 to a stone at the road, and there along the said road S 78 ˝ W. 29 to the place of beginning—containing nineteen acres and fifty perches and the allowance, together with all its appertuances, to have and to hold the same, to the only separate use and benefit of him the said Gawin Scott his heirs and assigns forever. Free and discharged from all further claim or demand whatsoever by us or either of us and of every person thereafter claiming the same or any part thereof under or through us or either of us—In Witness whereof we do hereto set our hands and seals this twenty second day of April A.D. Eighteen hundred and fifty-four (1854).

John Scott (seal) Sarah Scott (seal) Robert S. Scott (seal) Elizabeth Scott (seal) Elizabeth Stokes (seal) Test Hugh Ross_____________________

York County, SS---Before me the subscriber a justice of the peace in and for said county personally came John Scott and Scott his wife, Robert Scott and Scott his wife, and Elizabeth Stokes and respectfully acknowledged the within written deed of conveyance to the respective act and deed to the intent that the same may be entered upon record according to the law. They the said Sarah and Elizabeth Scott having been by me previously examined separate and apart from their said husbands and the contents and effect of said deed being by me fully made known to them having on such separate examination declared that they made their acknowledgement thereto freely and of their own accord and not from any coercion or compulsion of their said husbands or fear of their displeasure. In testimony whereof I have hereto set my hand and seal at Lower Chanceford this 22nd day of April 1854. Hugh Ross (seal) Recorded the twenty fourth day of April A.D. 1854.

Transcribed by Dave Shaffer.