"What are you filled with, sug?"

The King of the Hill Quotes Page: "Torch Song Hillogy"

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Quotes from "Torch Song Hillogy"
Written by Emily Spivey
Directed by Anthony Lioi

PEGGY: Yoo-hoo, Bobby, guess who's here? Me.

HANK: You don't give someone an award they don't deserve just to cheer them up. Why not make every Super Bowl a tie, so everyone gets a ring, and no one is "bummed out," huh?

PEGGY: I will write an essay nominating you. I will open with a joke -- but not at your expense -- and I will close with a quotation from the Reverend Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.
BOBBY: I'll go turn on your computer and warm up the seat.
PEGGY: Good boy.

HANK: She's just setting him up for a fall. Like when we told Bill there was a woman out there for him.

NANCY: So how does it feel to be the official torch-bearer? Are you filled with pride? Humility? What are you filled with, sug -- Arlen wants to know.

DALE: The year is 1979. Every week, America turns for hope to Laverne and Shirley. Ted Koppel arranges to have forty-four Americans held hostage on a soundstage in Burbank by actors impersonating Iranian fanatics. And Arlen's leading all-time rusher is Hank Hill. The hopes and dreams of a small Texas town in the state of Texas rest squarely on the broad, athletic shoulders of its star running back and his trusted towel manager.

BOBBY: Dad, someday someone is going to make the world's largest fruit pie. And the next day, I'm going to get into the Guinness Book of World Records for eating it.

HANK: God was punishing me for being prideful. He didn't give me a fatal heart attack because he wanted me to sell propane, but he made his point.

PEGGY: If Bobby says it's all right for you to run with the torch, I will not oppose him. And I will not oppose you. I will let you run unopposed.

DALE: It's just like when we were in high school. You secreting, me absorbing. And you know, these are the very same towels from back then.

PEGGY: You're going to be on TV, so do not do that thing with your nose that you're not aware of.

BOBBY: He's running with a flaming lie. How can I enjoy the figure skating with this dark cloud hanging over me?
PEGGY: Bobby, if your father doesn't do this, the Hills will be forever known as the family that ruined the Olympics. Now, I can go back to using my maiden name. I have no idea what you will do.

TODD: That's right, McMaynerbury! Brother running with a torch, and there ain't nothing you can do about it!

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