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[Jalapeno.GIF] Interests - Links to sites I like
People - Personal sites of other people, a must if you're creating your own.
Free E-mail accounts - Get some easy to remember e-mail addresses for free.
Computer Stuff - Shareware, magazine and sites of hardware manufacturers.
Java Applications - We all have heard a lot about it. See some of these apps. working. (Yes, I know this is 'Computer Stuff')
CompuServe - Forums etc. to visit if you are a member of CompuServe.
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Though I don't think there are any "dead" links here, if you find a link on this page to be invalid please report it to the webmaster. Thank you.

Interesting Sites

    Ye Olde English Sayings - "Saved by the bell" derives from when our ancestors realised they were accidentally burying people alive and came up with the solution of tying a bell on a string to the 'dead' person's hand so if the 'deceased' revived enough to ring the bell, their relatives could rush for spades and dig him out! Interested in the origins of other phrases we take for granted, your curiosity will be satisfied here.
    Devils Jargon - The Devil's version of computer-world acrronyms.
    TheCase - Solve new mysteries every week.
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    The revenge of the mutant tomatoes  - The title of this site has nothing to do with its content. Phil keeps interesting stuff on his numerous trips to various countries and some examples of his classy programming skills.
    Sacha's home  - This site is an unpredictable as it gets.. It changes constantly, so I can't really say whatz on it now.
    Paradice Software  - This is what happens when a teenager learrns programming!
    Home brewed computing solutions  - A self explanatory title to a cleanly dessigned, useful website.
    [Home Brewed Computing Solutions]
    Samir's Corner  - A school buddy of mine, a programming whiiz. Put a smile on your face, check out his collection of some good (and some poor!) jokes.
    Dario Ciriello  - introduces you to his life, his work and his interests, which include faux and wood finishes.
    Wanted Opportunities  - Shareware, MIDI files, advertising, all oon this guys page. (A schoolmate of mine).
    Tom's Information Exchange - An example of good web page design, with lots of info as well.
    Jim and Megan's Homepage - An interesting site, once featured on Ourworld.
    Andre Velthoen - His website contains interesting facts, pictures and information on the various countries and territories he's visited.
    Kishore Bhargava - runs a BBS in Delhi and knows a lot about communication technologies.
    Phylon - This site features a collection of humourr, pictures from his travels to India and more.
    The Edge of Chaos - The homepage of one of my classmates.
    CompuServe member sites - Search for the websites of members of the OurWorld community, run by CompuServe and Sprynet.
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Free E-mail accounts

    Hotmail - Web based e-mail (you can't use a program such as Internet Mail or Netscape Mail)
    BigfootBigfoot - This service gives you forwarding, filterring, distributing facilities, as well as a reminder service that allows you to create e-mail reminders for holidays, birthdays etc. It also has an auto-respnonder to respond to your mail when you are away or can't access your e-mail. The Bigfoot site carries a lot of info about its features, but not a lot about how you can go about using them
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Computer Stuff
Miscellaneous Links

    Starting Point  - As the name suggests it is a starting poiint for web surfers as well as for those who want to promote their site.
    Sounddogs  - The ultimate online sound library. From a small, obnoxious dog bark to a slopping, gnawing, chewy bat.
    Internet Hoaxes  - The United States Department of Energy's Computer Incident Advisory Capability site has all the details on those famous net virus hoaxes - and other, even more ridiculous ones too.
    Stan Olson's NBA Live 95 page - if you own the game, you have to visit it
    Shareware - The largest collection of shareware (they say so) on the internet
    Windows95 shareware - Drivers, patches, upgrades, utilities etc. for the Windows95 operating system
    WinZip archiving utility - An essential utility if you use Windows and deal with large files.
    McAfee Antivirus - Download and evaluate one of the best virus-scanning packages and keep it up-to-date with the regularly updated virus definitions.
Hardware Companies
    Dell - Dell Computer Corporation's website. (I have a Dell computer)
    Logitech - They sell mice, scanners, joysticks etc. (Scanned images on the Delhi page are from a Logitech scanner)
    Epson - Scanners and printers. (I have a 9-pin dot-matrix printer)
    Hewlett-Packard - They make more things than I would like to write about. (I have an ink-jet printer)
    Creative Labs - The pioneers who gave PC sound a boost from the PC Speaker to the SoundBlaster
    PC World - If you are looking for the latest information on things happening in the computer world, you have to visit a magazine site.
    Magazines published by Futurenet - The publishers of many popular British maagazines such as PC Gamer and PC Guide
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Java Applications

    Garden Escape - A garden-planning applet. You can select from catalogs of plants in a tabbed list, then place  images of each plant on a diagram of your garden. The main advantage is that a Java-based shoppiung basket lets you order and pay for the plants you selected.
    The Abacus - The worlds latest, most-modern abacus.
    J-Tack - This fascinating site shows a world map wwith the current position of major artificial sattelites, superimposed over an illustration of the current cloud cover.
    Sun Microsystems' 3-D Open virtual golf - A virtual version of the Turnberry golf course.
    Scrabble - Play against yourself in this java-based board game.

    To find hundereds of other innovative Java applets, lead your browser to one of these sites that rate Java applets and applications as well.

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