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Circular Letter of Shaftsbury Baptist Association (VT)
"Gospel Discipline"

The Discipline of the Primitive Churches Illustrated and Enforced
Northampton Baptist Association, England
By Andrew Fuller, 1799

Church Discipline
Western Baptist Association, England
by John Ryland, 1804

Gospel Discipline
Circular Letter of Georgia Baptist Association
By Jesse Mercer, 1806

Setting our House in Order
Northbend Baptist Association (KY)
By Moses Scott, 1824

Church Discipline
Tennessee Association of United Baptists
By Richard Wood, 1825

Christian Discipline
Essex Baptist Association (NY), 1831

Church Discipline
Leyden Baptist Association, England

Church Discipline
Berks and West London Baptist Association, England
by J. Tyso, 1836

Church Discipline
Berks and West Middlesex Baptist Association, England
by Bro. Brown, 1852

Church Discipline
Northamptonshire Baptist Association, England
by Mr. Gough, 1861

Church Discipline.
Northbend Baptist Association (KY)
by Robert E. Kirtley, 1866

David Benedict's Essay on Church Discipline
Fifty Years Among the Baptists, 1860

Discipline in the Clear Creek (KY) Baptist Church
A History of Ten Baptist Churches
By John Taylor, 1823

Discipline in the First Baptist Church, Boston, MA
By Nathan E. Wood, 1899

Discipline in Early British Baptist Churches
Bye-Ways in Baptist History
By J. J. Goadby, 1871

Comments of British Baptist Church Discipline
J. M. Cramp's Baptist History, 1871

Judgment at the House of God
Christ and His Church
By B. H. Carroll

A Brief Devotion on Church Discipline
By Stephen duBarry
[A University of Kentucky student]

Queries Considered, Or An investigation of Various Subjects
Involved in the Exercise of Church Discipline

By Rev. Joseph S. Baker, 1847
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