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"Therefore all use of secular force to support religion, is from beneath, and not from above; and is so far from promoting the cause of truth, that it is diametrically opposite thereto." Isaac Backus, 1777 Circular Letter of Warren Association, New England.


Isaac Backus
Early New England Preacher and Historian
The Baptist Encyclopedia, 1881

Isaac Backus
Baptist Pastor and Defender of Religious Freedom
Annals of the Amercian Baptist Pulpit, 1860

Isaac Backus
By A. H. Newman, 1894

Circular Letters Written by Isaac Backus
There are two - 1773 & 1777

A Memoir of the Life and Times of the Rev. Isaac Backus, A. M.
Alvah Hovey, 1859
A link to this 360+ page book.

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