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By Thomas W. Haynes, 1848

      REV. DAVID BENEDICT, A.M. The living Baptists are noticed in this work only as they are authors, on whatever subject they may have written, and this plan includes also Baptist publishers of books, when we shall reach that department. In 1802, Mr. Benedict began his researches and preparations for a history of the Baptists, which he published in 1813, entitled — A General History of the Baptist Denomination in America, and other parts of the world. By David Benedict, A.M., Pastor of the Baptist Church in Pawtucket, R. I. (Mark xvi. 15, 16. Acts viii. 36, 39, are here inserted in the title page) In two volumes. Boston: Printed by Lincoln and Edmonds, No. 53, Cornhill, for the author. 1813. 8vo. pp. 602 in each volume. He published an Abridgment of this history in one volume, by the same publishers. Boston, 1820. pp. 446. small 8vo. or 12mo. He published also a History of all Religions, and edited an edition of Robinson's History of Baptism by the same publishers in 1817. Lewis Colby & Co., N. Y. 1848, published by the same author in one large 8vo. volume of 970 pages, a work with the same title with his first history of the Baptists brought down to the period of its publication, entitled
[p. 90]
A General History of the Baptist Denomination in America and other parts of the world. By David Benedict. New York, Lewis Colby & Co., 122, Nassau-street. 1848, with a portrait of the author. In this history the author says: "I pay no attention whatever to Chronology but only to geographical connection." His history is a most ample storehouse of facts which affords material for other arrangements still better adapted to uses of reference.

[Thomas Wilson Haynes, editor, Haynes' Baptist Cyclopædia: Or, Dictionary of Baptist Biography, 1848, pp. 89-90. Document from Google Books. — jrd]

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