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     The modern cry: "Less creed and more liberty," is a degeneration from the vertebrate to the jellyfish, and means less unity and less morality, and it means more heresy. Definitive truth does not create heresy it only exposes and corrects. Shut off the creed and the Christian world would fill up with heresy unsuspected and uncorrected, but none the less deadly. B. H. Carroll, An Interpretation of the English Bible, Ephesians 4.
Creeds and Confessions
American Baptist Memorial, 1856
Basil Manly, Editor

B. H. Carroll on Creeds and Confessions

Columbia Baptist Church (OH)
Articles of Faith, 1790
The First Church in the Northwest Territory

The Constitution of the Columbus Baptist Association (OH)
At the Time of its Organization, 1818

Pealing a Pretense
(A Review of an Essay by a SBC Church Covenant Critic)
By Rosco Brong, Former Dean, 1969
Lexington Baptist College, KY

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