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     In 1823 he was brought to a knowledge of the truth as it is in Christ Jesus, and united himself with the Baptist Church, having been baptized by Rev. Ambrose Dudley. - Samuel H. Ford

Ryland Thompson Dillard, D. D.
The Baptist Encyclopedia

Ryland T. Dillard
By J. H. Spencer, 1886

Ryland T. Dillard, D. D.
By Samuel H. Ford

Added 4.8.09
Ryland T. Dillard's Influence on J. R. Graves
By Samuel H. Ford

Circular Letter
Elkhorn Baptist Association
"Personal Piety"

Circular Letter
Licking Baptist Association
by R. T. Dillard, 1827

A REVIVAL, 1849 - Jessamine County, Kentucky

The Resurrection
A Funeral Sermon, 1847
By Ryland T. Dillard, D. D.

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