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     He preaches without manuscript, is earnest and eloquent, and many hundreds have been converted under his ministry. He is a firm Baptist . . . (The Baptist Encyclopedia, 1881)


Rev. Samuel Howard Ford D. D., LL.D.
Baptist Minister and Editor
By Sam Frank Taylor, D. D., 1912

Two Short Bios of Samuel H. Ford

Listed below are the various works of Ford on this website.

Baptist Waymarks
By Samuel H. Ford, 1903

"The Life, Times and Teachings of J. R. Graves"

History of Kentucky Baptists
The First History of Baptists in Kentucky
that was Written

Added - 5.6.09
Visits to Association Meetings
Around Kentucky in 1859

By Samuel H. Ford
Christian Repository

Remarkable Revivals and Revivalists
of the 19th Century

Added - 6.3.09
Materials Of A Gospel Church
By Samuel H. Ford, 1859

Added - 5.11.09
Have Baptists as a People been Indifferent
to the Conversion of the Young?

By Samuel H. Ford, 1889

Does Baptism Admit to Membership
in a Gospel Church?

The Origin of the Baptists
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