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The Whitefield revival was the occasion of introducing Baptists into Georgia. The first account of the appearance of Baptists in Georgia was in the year 1757. - J. T. Christian

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Georgia Baptists
The Baptists Encyclopedia, 1881

The Colored Baptists of Georgia
The Baptist Encyclopedia, 1881

The First Baptists in Georgia
A History of the Baptists, 1926
by John T. Christian

Georgia Baptist Association
Formation and Early History
by J. H. Campbell, 1874

The Hephzibah Baptist Association Centennial (GA)
From 1794 to 1894
By W. L. Kilpatrick, D. D., 1894

Early History of Sarepta Association - (GA)
By J. H. Campbell, 1874

Queries Propounded and Answered
History of the Georgia Baptist Association
By Jesse Mercer, 1838

Georgia Circular Letters
By various writers

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American Baptist Histories
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