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History of Grant's Lick Church
Campbell County, KY
By James I. Ware, 1890

     Sometime prior to Nov. 19, 1859, Rev. Jesse Beagle held a meeting at Plum Creek school house, in Campbell county, at which time he received and baptized sixteen persons, and they, in connection with Bro. Beagle, sent to several churches requesting them to send messengers for the purpose of esablishing a church at said place. The following brethren from their respective churches were present: Flagg Spring, Rev. J. M. Jolly, G. W. Nelson, E. Nelson, E. Morin, T. W. Kennedy, Wm. Boggs, John Ellis, T. Warn Beagle. First Twelve Mile, Rev. Jesse Beagle, L. Johnson. Second Twelve Mile, C. Dicken, L. H. Ellis, Wm. Barnard, A. Petit. Pleasant Ridge, Rev. Wm. Grizzel, William Maddox, John Maddox, James Maddox. Jamestown, Rev. James Vickers. Brush Creek, R. Shaw, J. W. Stevens, James Lipscomb, Joseph Lipscomb.

     The council was organized by electing Rev. James Vickers, Moderator, and T. Warn Beagle, Clerk. The articles of faith were read, and the following persons went into the constitution of the church: John Gosney, W. C. Tarvin, Thos. Johnson, John Thomas, Joseph Taylor, Foster Carman, Archubus Webster, and Sisters Milla Yelton, Nancy B. Yellton, Sarah Rouse. By a vote of the council they were organized into a church.

     The new church then called Rev. Jesse Beagle to serve them as pastor, and he accepted the call and entered upon his work. They elected J. J. Gosney church clerk. Bro. Beagle served them as pastor till the beginning of 1866, at which time Rev. William Grizzel was called for one year. At the same time the church decided to move to Grant's Lick and take possession of the lot that was given them by James Taylor for a Baptist church, and build a house of worship upon it. They appointed the following brethren as a building committee: Rev. Wm. Grizzel, J. W. Hall and John Yelton; Bro. Hall was also chosen clerk of the church. The records say nothing about the building of the church. The house was built, however, and Bro. Grizzel served them as pastor until his death, which occured in November, 1867. Pastor Grizzzel was a good preacher, faithful shepherd and worthy Christian gentleman. His church loved him very tenderly, and appreciated his worth. Through his earnest efforts the present building was erected.

     Rev. Jesse Beagle was again chosen pastor in November, 1867, and Bro. Wm. C. Byrd was chosen clerk. About August, 1870, T. Marion Harman was elected clerk and served till December, 1871, when Albert Hopkins was elected. Bro. Beagle served the church as pastor until 1876, about nine yeaars, at which time Rev. J. M. Jolly was chosen pastor. Bro. D. B. Yelton was elected clerk and served till 1878, when Bro. Albert Hopkins was elected. Bro. Jolly preached for the church till 1881, and the church then called Rev. M. M. Arnold as pastor. In 1883, Bro. John Haigh was chosen clerk and served till 1887, and Bro. Jesse Hopkins was then elected. Bro. Arnold served the chruch till March, 1889, at which time Rev. C. J. Bagby was called, and is still the beloved shepherd.

     During these years the church experienced some gracious revivals of religion, and many souls have been hopefully converted. Grant's Lick church is considered one of the best country churches in our Association, and, we are glad to say, she is having a fair degree of prosperity.

James I. Ware

[From Campbell County Baptist Association Minutes, 1890, pp. 14-15. jrd]

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