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     "At one time," he says, "preaching being over, and concluding with prayer, I heard a rustling noise in the woods, and before I opened my eyes to see what it was, I was seized by the collar by two men while standing on the table. Stepping down and beholding a number of others walking up, it produced a momentary confusion in me. The magistrates instantaneously demanded of me what I was doing there with such a conventicle of people. I replied, that I was preaching the gospel of Christ to them; they asked, who gave me authority so to do. I answered, He that was the author of the gospel had a right to send forth whom He had qualified to dispense it. They retorted upon me with abusive epithets, and then inquired if I had any authority from man to preach. I produced my credentials, but these would avail nothing, not being sanctioned and commissioned by the bishop. They told me that I must give security not to teach, preach, or exhort, for twelve months and a day, or go to jail. I chose the latter alternative." [State of Virginia in the late 1770s]

Jeremiah Bell Jeter
Early Baptist Pastor and Writer
Virginia Baptist Ministers, Third Series
By George Braxton Taylor

J. B. Jeter, D.D.
By Ben M. Bogard, 1900

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