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     "Church history is, like all other history, an account of what somebody sees, and the account becomes at most a conscientious interpretation. In spite of all effort, the historian must write as he sees with the facts which are at his command. The historian has not personally witnessed all that has taken place over the last two thousand years..." BHK, Chapter 10, pp. 97-98.


By Buell H. Kazee

Title Page

Table of Contents

Author's Preface

Concepts and Uses of the Word "Church"
Chapter 1

The Universal-Invisible Church Theory Examined
Chapter 2

A Church of Positive Identification
Chapter 3

The Origin of the Church
Chapter 4

The Church Developing
Chapter 5

The Church Developing (Continued)
Chapter 6

The Church Maturing
Chapter 7

The Church and its Mission
Chapter 8

"Picture Preaching and Table Talking"
Chapter 9

The Problem of Baptism in History
Chapter 10

The Question Which Divides Us
Chapter 11

The Test of Church Fellowship
Chapter 12

What Others Say
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