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Essays written by Buell H. Kazee
For the Western Recorder

These essays appeared in the Western Recorder, the Kentucky Baptist State Paper, from 1939-1942. Victor I. Masters was the editor. Buell Kazee was pastor of the Morehead Baptist Church when these essays were written.

Why Do I Not Want to Pray? 6/29/1939
Why Should I Pray? 7/13/1939
What is Wrong with the Baptists? 7/27/1939
On Keeping up with the Times 10/12/1939
Consider the Closed Mind 11/23/39
Dare We Choose the Good Part? 12/7/1939
On Making the Bible Acceptable to the World 12/14/1939
For What Should A Believer be Trained? 2/8/1940
Deadly Work Today of Spiritual Ignorance in Churches 2/15/1940
Spiritual Ignorance and Wickedness in High Places 2/22/1940
A Standard for Sunday School Teachers 2/29/1940
A Deeper Spiritual Life Imperative 3/28/1940
The Living Church 5/9/1940
Are You in the Wilderness or Across Jordan? 12/5/1940
What is Absolute Surrender? 12/19/1940
What is the Baptism of the Holy Spirit? 1/2/1941
How to Make the Surrender 1/23/1941
In the Land of the Giants 2/13/1941
Crosses and Burdens 4/16/1942
Is Christian Influence Enough? 6/4/1942
The Parable of the Talents 6/11/1942
The Sin of the Prodigal at Home 7/23/1942
The Keys of the Kingdom

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