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Sketch of Licking Valley Baptist Church
Campbell county, Kentucky
By G. W. Maddox, 1885

      On December 16, 1854, delegates convened from the surronding churches at the residence of J. F. Spilman.and organized what is known as Licklng Valley Baptist Church.
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      The constituent members were, Jonathan White, Elizabeth White, Henry E. White. Henry W. Leroy, Thomas White, J. F. Spilman, Nancy Spilman, Henry Youtsey, and Wm. M. Ware. Four of whom, namely, J. F. Spilmnn, Nancy Spilman, Thomas White, Henry Youtsey, are yet members of this Body.

      The first church-meeting was held December 17th. Rev. M. Stilwell was chosen Pastor, J. F. Spilman, Deacon,and Henry W. Leroy, Secretary.

      In June, 1855, Rev. James Spilman was called to preach once a month. In January, 1856, Rev. Stillwell was again elected to the pastorate. From the time of its organization, meetings were regularly held at J. F. Spilman's until some time in 1856, as near as can be ascertained, when the new house was dedicated. In December of the same year, Rev. James Spilman was called to take charge of the church at a salary of twenty-eight dollars per year. The next year it was increased to fifty dollars per annum. He was then mutually re-elected to the pastorate until the year 1862. In 1859, Rev. Harris was called to preach once a month. In 1860, Rev. Spilman preached two Sundays in each month. In 1861 Rev. Stilwell was called to preach once a month, making three years he served the church. During his pastorate there were thirty-four addi­tions. No records furnished from 1862 to 1868, except that there were seventy-two additions to the church during that time. It is quite probable that Rev. Spilman was the pastor during that period. In March, 1868, Rev. T. W. Haynes was called as pastor. No record of acceptance, but it is presumed he accepted the call since no other was elected until January 1869, when Rev. Spilman was elected, and again in December of the same year, making eight years he served the church. Fifty-eight additions during that time. In December, 1880, Rev. N. C. Pettit was called to the pastorate. In 1871 a branch of the church was extended to Culbertson's school house in Kenton County with about twenty mem­bers, but no records are given of its development. In February 1871, J. C. White was licensed to preach for six months; in December of the same year he was liberated, time indefinite. In December 1871 Rev. N. C. Pettit was re-elected pastor and served in that capacity until April 1875, when he offered his resignation. Thomas D. Ware was licensed December 1873, and upon the resignation of Rev. Pettit, was called to take charge of the church, but did not accept. He was ordained to the ministry, May 1875.

      Rev. J. M. Jolly was called to the pastorate June 1875, and at the expiration of his term was re-elected but did not accept. There were nine additions during his ministry. The church was then without a pastor until March 1877, when Rev. Pettit was elected. In September of the same year he was released and Rev. Amos Stout was called and served the church until December 1878. There were five ad­ditions while he served. In December 1878 Rev. Pettit wns again elected and at the expiration of the year, Rev. T. D. Ware was called but did not accept, and in April, 1880, Rev. Pettit was once more chosen; he serv­ed until September following, making eight years, or a greater part of that time, he acted as pastor. There were seventy-four additions during his pastorate. In September 1880, Rev. J. V. Riley was called as a sup­ply until the regular time of calling a pastor, and in December of the same year, Rev. C. J. Bagby was chosen and has served the church with acceptance and success until the present time. There have been nineteen additions since he began his ministry with the church.


      An additional Deacon, J. C. White, was elected, April, 1858. After his liberation to preach the Gospel, Wm. M. Ware and G. W. Grizzel
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were elected in May of the same year. In April 1876 Thomas White was elected. In July 1881 Henry Youtsey succeeded Wm. M. Ware, who had removed his membership. Present Deacons, J. F. Spilman, Thomas White, and Henry Youtsey.

      The original Secretary, H. W. Leroy, was succeeded by Wm. M. Ware in April 1857, who served in that capacity until March, 1868, when he resigned and G. W. Grizzel elected to fill the vacancy. He resigned, March, 1875. James I. Ware elected to the office. In September 1880 Geo. W. Dean was elected to the Clerkship. He offered his resignation in May 1881, S. G. Ware elected. He held the position until December of that year, when G. W. Dean, the present Secretary, was again elected.

      The foregoing sketch is, perhaps, as accurate as may be gotten from the records, owing to their irregularity and incompleteness.

G. W. Maddox.

[Campbell County Baptist Association Minutes, 1885, p. 8-10. This document is from the Northern Kentucky Baptist Association office, Erlanger. - jrd]

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