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History of Mentor Baptist Church
Campbell County Baptist Association Minutes, 1939

      The Mentor Baptist Church was the outgrowth of a Sunday-school which was organized by Rev. N. C. Pettit and others. On June 22, 1904 a church was organized with twenty-seven members, all having letters from Flagg Spring Church.

      The Moderator was Rev. N. C. Pettit; Clerk, W. B. Clift, Jr.; Dea­cons, E. S. Williams and Capt. W. B. Clift, Sr.; Treasurer, S..D. Kinney. Brother Pettit was not a member.

This church was duly recognized as a Missionary Baptist Church by council which met July 30, 1904. This council was composed of Rev. N. C. Pettit, Rev. C. J. Bagby, Rev. Amos Stout, Rev. Hiram Grizzle and the following deacons, George Alford, Manton Boyers and Ben Clift. Brother Pettit preached a few times as a supply and then Brother C. J. Bagby who was then Moderator of the Camp­bell County Baptist Association was called as the first pastor.

      This church was organized in the store building of S. F. Daniel at railroad and county road. The church later purchased this building and moved it to the lot next to the present building which was built in 1906 and the Sunday-school rooms were added in 1911. This church was admitted to the Association in 1905. The following pastors have served the church:

Rev. C. J. Bagby to November 1906
Brother Carson to April 1907
Rev. Joseph Connell to January 1908
Brother Akers to October 1910
Rev. Wm. Jackson to August 1912
Rev. J. T. Daugherty to January 1914
Rev. P. B. Clark to March 1915
Rev. A. R. Abernathy to June 1916
Rev. Elmer Lucas to February 1918
Rev. A. R. Abernathy to June 1920
Rev. R. D. Martin to November 1922
Rev. P. B. Clark to November 1924
Brother Coleman to June 1925
Rev. R. H. Tolle to December 1926
Rev. H. C. Chiles to October 1933
Rev. John Huss to August 1939

      The following preachers have held revivals with us: Brother Turner, A. L. Crawley, Brother Jenkins, H. C. Wayman, Brother Hare, Marvin Adams, G. W. Argribrite, L. M. Theobold, T. J. Porter, W. A. M. Wood, and perhaps others.

      The Association met with us in 1907, 1923 and 1939.

      On June 25, 1929, we held a home coming day in celebration of the twenty-fifth anniversary. The church had one Sunday preach­ing until March 1913 at which time we went to half time. Our Sun­day-school has been standard for several years.

      We use the co-operative system with double budget and for five years we have not had a special offering for budget.

      As we look back over our passed history we are caused to re­member we have lost the most of our strong members and are not the church we were once, but we have a faithful few who are still working for our Master and trusting that he will raise up leaders for the future.


[Campbell County Baptist Association Minutes, 1939, p. 27. This document is from the Northern Kentucky Baptist Association office, Erlanger. - jrd]

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