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History of Twelve-Mile Baptist Church
Campbell County Baptist Association Minutes, 1886

     The Twelve-Mile Church was constituted and held its first church meeting at Bro. Samuel Belveal's, on Twelve-Mile Creek, September 18, 1818 Bro. Seth Hlnkly acted as Moderator. As the time for the Association was at hand they prepared a letter and chose Brethren J. Stevens, Samuel Belveal, and William Wall to bear it to the North Bend Asso­ciation, into whlch Assoiation they were admitted.

      At the next meeting of the church they chose the following officers, viz. John Stevens, Moderator, Wm. Posey, Clerk, and Bro. Samuel Belveal, Deacon.

     Church meetings were held alternately at Bro. Belveal's and Joseph Dlck's for a number of years. Then in 1832 they met in the school house. Bro. John Stephens acted as Moderator most of the time up to l831, when Bro. Vick was chosen Moderator. In 1837 Bro. Geo. Graden was called to the care of the church one year. In l838, Bro. Thomas Herbert was chosen to attend twice a month, in the absence of Bro. J. Stevens. In August, 1835, Bro. Stevens was chosen to travel and preach in the bounds of the Association between the Licking and Ohio River and as for up as Falmouth. February 8 1844, Brethren Jesse Beagle and Joshua Johnson liberated to exercise their public gift, and May 2, 1852 Bro. Jesse Beagle was ordained to the Gospel ministry, and on July 8, was chosen to preach for one year. Bro. Wm. Stillwell preached the ordination sermon from Revelation 14:6. February 6, 1858, Bro. Beagle was chosen pastor of church as long as he remained a member of it. October 8, 1858, Bro. Beagle is released by his own request and Bro. Johnson called to supply. March 1859, Bro. Chambers chosen for one year, during which time the church was visited by an outpouring of the Holy Spirit and thirty-two souls were added to the church. Eld. James Vickers labored in this meeting, which was his last. In 1860 Bro. Joshua Johnson took the care of the church for one year. In 1861 Bro. Jesse Beagle was called and held a meeting in February of the same year, which resulted in forty-two additions and the church greatly revived. Bro. Beagle served the church till March, 1871. During the ten years in which he preached for them several interesting meetings were held. In March, l871, Mason Owen was called, but resigned in May of same year. The church was without pastor till September, when they called Wm. Germane. He was with them as pastor till 1873, when Rev. Woodruff was chosen. Bro. Woodruff served the church till 1875. Church without a pastor for about a year. In June, 1876, Bro. George Nelson was chosen Moderator. Bro. Nelson served the church faithfully till July 1879, when Bro. I. N. Selby was chosen. He served but a short time. June 5, 1880, Bro. T. D. Ware was called to care of the church. Bro. G. W. Nelson elected pastor October, l88l, and served the church till 1884, when J. T. Spillman, who is still serving the church, was elected.

     The above, while it can not be called the history of the church, it is about the best I can gather from the church books, in the short time I had to work at it.

C. S. Ellis, Committee.

[Campbell County Baptist Association Minutes, 1886, p. 9. This document is from the Northern Kentucky Baptist Association office, Erlanger. - jrd]

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