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The Pioneer Period in Missouri Baptist History
1796 1834
J. C. Maple & R. P. Rider, editors
Missouri Baptist Biography, 1912

Old Bethel
The First Baptist Church in Missouri
By Rev. T. H. Jenkins, 1906

Historical Sketch of the Baptist Denomination
in Missouri

By J. M. Peck, 1842

Boone's Lick Country, Missouri, and Early Baptists There
By J. M. Peck, 1857

History of the Bethel Baptist Association
By William Polk, 1856

Missouri Baptist Historical Address, 1875
By Rev. J. C. Maple, D. D.
A History of the Baptists in Missouri, 1882

added 1.7.08
Early Baptist Church Histories
Salt River Association (MO), 1909

Missouri Baptist Biographies
By Robert S. Duncan, 1882
[Sixty-seven bios]

David Doyle
Early Missouri Baptist Missionary
By Samuel H. Ford

Historical Sketch of the Baptists
of Southeast Missouri

By H. F. Tong, 1888
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Missouri Baptist Centennial, 1906
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A History of Caldwell-Ray Baptist Association/
North Liberty Baptist Association

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American Baptist Histories
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