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Ohio Baptists
The Baptist Encyclopedia, 1881

Columbia Baptist Church Statement of Faith,
Cincinnati, Ohio, 1790.

This was the First Church in the Northwest Territory

A History of Columbus Baptist Association (OH) From its Organization
to 1837, With a Brief Sketch of Ministers and Churches

By Rev. Jacob Drake, 1859
There are five chapters.

The History of the Miami Baptist Association
From its Orgainization in 1797 to 1836

By A. H. Dunlevy, 1869
There are six chapters in this book.

Histories of the Churches of
The Miami Baptist Association

= Southwestern (Cincinnati) Ohio =
Written from 1875 to 1906.
There are twenty-one histories.

Miami Baptist Association 100th Anniversary Minutes, 1898
Historical Papers

Six papers that were read at this meeting.

Miami Baptist Association (OH),
Corresponding Letter, 1836

The Letter sent at the time of the Mission/Anti-Mission division.
Written by S. W. Lynd

A History of the Miami Baptist Association - (OH)
(The First One Hundred Years)

The Fairmount Baptist Theological Seminary
Cincinnati, OH
By A. J. Sage, D. D., 1898

The Baptist Theological Institution
Cincinnati, Ohio
By John P. Foote, 1855

Recollections of an Early Member
of the First Baptist Church in Ohio -- (Columbia)

American Baptist Memorial
By Ezra Ferris, 1852

History of the Duck Creek Baptist Church
Anniversary Service

First Baptist Church
Harrison, Ohio
By Larry Burton and Berlin Hisel

Organization of the First Baptist Church
Dayton, Ohio
By Henry F. Colby, 1924.

History Highlights of the First Baptist Church
Dayton, Ohio
By Henry F. Colby, 1924.

Alexandria Baptist Church
Alexandria, Ohio
Compiled by Deacon Walter A. Castle, 1927

A Brief History of the Granville Baptist Church (OH)
Columbus Baptist Association Minutes, 1871

Columbus Regular Baptist Association (OH) Circular Letters Index
By James R. Duvall

The Constitution of the Columbus Baptist Association (OH)
At the Time of its Organization, 1818

Ohio Baptist Associations in 1867

American Baptist Church Histories
Baptist History Homepage

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