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Entered, according to Act of Congress, in the year 1859, by
in the office of the Clerk of the District Court for the Middle district
of Tennessee.



I. Not ashamed of the Gospel, 7 II. The Inspiration and Utility of the Scriptures, 17 III Wresting the Scriptures destructive, 27 IV. God's method of pardoning sin, 38 V. The Law and the Gospel, 47 VI. God is not the author of sin, 55 VII. The wisdom of God in Redemption, 69 VIII. Accountability to God, 77 IX. No Teacher like Christ, 86 X. The import of the name Jesus, 95 XI. Christ the source of Wisdom, Righteousness, Sanctification, and Redemption, 101 XII. Christ the Way, the Truth, and the Life, 109 XIII. Enmity to the Cross of of Christ, 119 XIV. Those who do not love Christ accursed of God, 129 XV. The Friends of Christ, 139 XVI. The believer nersuaded of Christ's ability to save, 147 XVII. The death of Christ a wonderful event, 155 XVIII. Regeneration, 160 XIX. The nature, effect, and necessity of Conversion, 168 XX. Justification, 176 XXI. Adoption, 187 XXII. Sanctification, 195 XXIII. The Holiness of God, 202 XXIV. Fools make a mock at sin, 207 XXV. Reasons in favor of Repentance, 215 XXVI. Want of love to God, 222 XXVII. The Lord reigns, 228 XXVIII. The upright, what God is to them, and does for them, 235 XXIX. God the guide of his people, 243 XXX. Religion productive of happiness, 249 XXXI. Influence, 258 XXXII. Thanksgiving, 268 XXXIII. Godliness in all respects profitable, 278 XXXIV. Walking with God, 286 XXXV. Death the wages of sin eternal life the gift of God, 292 XXXVI. The value and improvement of time, 299 XXXVII. Reasons for not loving the world, 307 XXXVIII. The broad way and the narrow way, 313 XXXIX. The results of Apostolic preaching on Pentecost, 321 XL. A Church of Christ the Temple of God, 331 XLI. The Christian Profession, 340 XLII. Christians urged to glorify God, 348 XLIII. Christ's Disciples in the world, 356 XLIV. Christians should awake out of sleep because their salvation is near, 363 XLV. The rich saved with the greatest difficulty, 370 XLVI. Duties of the rich, 381 XLVII. Glorifying God in death, 396 XLVIII. The dying Christian triumphant, 409 XLIX. Victory over death and the grave through Jesus, 422 L. The departing spirit committed to Christ, 432

[From J. M. Pendleton, Short Sermons on Important Subjects, 1859. This book is from Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary Library, Wake Forest, NC via ILL through Boone County Public Library, Burlington, KY. Scanned by Jim Duvall]

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