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John Henderson Spencer
Kentucky Baptist Historian

      Kentucky Baptist historian, John Henderson Spencer, was born in Allen County, Kentucky on September 9, 1826, to William and Sally Caldwell (Richey) Spencer. He served as the pastor of several churches in Kentucky and held revivals in Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky, Missouri, and Tennessee.

     In 1861, Spencer married Alice Lavelia Everhart (who died in 1872), and then in 1875, he married Burilla Burton Walker. He authored the History of Kentucky Baptists (Volume I) (Volume II) in 1886, and was a contributor to William Cathcart's Baptist Encyclopedia (1881). Spencer died on December 21, 1897.

     J. H. Spencer was living and pastoring in Eminence, Kentucky in 1885, when he wrote the Preface to his History of Kentucky Baptists .


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