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A History of Kentucky Baptists
By J. H. Spencer


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CHAPTER 1. — Exploring and settling of Kentucky --Baptists among the early settlers -- Thomas Tinsley and Wm. Hickman preach at Harrodsburg -- G.S. Smith, John Taylor, and Joseph Redding visit Kentucky -- Wm. Marshall -- Joseph Barnett; Jno. Gerrard; Benj. Lynn; Jas. Skaggs.

CHAPTER 2. — First church in Kentucky, -- Severns Valley. Fate of Gerrard. Cedar Creek church. Joshua Morris. Gilbert’s Creek church. Its origin in Virginia. The Craigs. Lewis Craig. John Waller. Persecution. Preaching through prison grates.

CHAPTER 3. — South Fork church. Forks of Dix River church. Randolph Hall. John S. Higgins. Burdett Kemper.

CHAPTER 4. — Outlook in 1783. Gilbert’s Creek church of Separate Baptists. Joseph Bledsoe. South Elkhorn. John Shackleford. Preachers in jail. Providence church. Robt. Elkin.

CHAPTER 5. — Condition of the settlers, in 1784. Gloomy state of religion. Bear Grass church. John Whitaker.

CHAPTER 6. — The first revival in Kentucky. John Taylor. A pioneer's day's work. Susannah Cash. Calling and installing a pastor. Clear Creek church. John Taylor's dream followed by a great revival.

CHAPTER 7. — Limestone church. Wm. Wood. Pottinger's Creek church Cox's Creek church. Wm. Taylor. Moses Pierson. Isaac Taylor. Brashear's Creek church. Rush Branch church. John Bailey. Head of Boone's Creek church. Joseph Craig.
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CHAPTER 8. — Great Crossing church. Elijah Craig. Joseph Redding. Isaac Redding. The Johnsons. Tate's Creek church. John Tanner.

CHAPTER 9. — Review. Number of churches and preachers, in 1785. Regular and Separate Baptists in Kentucky. The first attempt to unite them. The South Elkhorn Convention. Constitution of Elkhorn and Salem Associations.

CHAPTER 10. — Brighter Prospects. Bryant's Station church. Ambrose Dudley -- The Dudleys. Town Fork church. John Gano. Boone's Creek church. David Thompson. Tate's Creek church of Separate Baptists. Andrew Tribble.

CHAPTER 11. — Number of churches and preachers, in 1787. Cowper's Run church. A. Eastin. James Garrard. Lick Creek church. James Rogers. Boone's Creek church of Separate Baptists. Too many churches. MarbleCreek church. Jno. Price. Ryland T. Dillard. David's Fork church. Hanging Fork of Dix River.

CHAPTER 12. — Number of churches and preachers in 1788. Forks of Elkhorn church. Wm. Hickman. Huston's Creek church. Moses Bledsoe. Rolling Fork church. Joshua Carman. Wm. Downs. Head of Salt River church. Buck Run church. John Dupuy. James Dupuy. Stark Dupuy. Shawhee Run church. John Rice. James T. Hedger.

CHAPTER 13. — The Revival of 1789. Second attempt to unite the Regulars and Separates. Hardin's Creek church. Baldwin Clifton. Smith Thomas. Henson Thomas. Ezy Hickerson. Jessamine Creek church. The laying on of hands after baptism. Agitation on the subject of slavery. Josiah Dodge. John Sutton. Carter Tarrant. Donald Holmes. Duncan McLean. Jacob Gregg. George Smith. David Barrow.
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CHAPTER 14. — The Revival continued. Mayslick church. Wm. Grinstead. Walter Warder. Joseph Warder. John Warder. Indian Creek church. David Biggs. Unity church. James Quensenberry. Jno. M. Johnson. David Chenault. Hickman's Creek church. Thomas Ammon. Head of Beech Fork church. Hardin's Creek church. Mt. Pleasant. West Fork of Cox's Creek. White Oak Run. Baptist Statistics in 1790.

CHAPTER 15. — Retrospect. Cove Spring. Strode's Fork. Reuben Smith. Taylor's Fork. Bloomfield. Walter Stallard. Francis Davis. Spencer Clack. Henry Thomas. D.S. Colgan. Wm. Vaughan. J. M. Weaver. Crab orchard. Wm. Bledsoe. Jeremiah Vardeman. Moses Foley. Pittman's Creek. Isaac Hodgen. John Harding. Brush Creek. Wm. Mathews. Thomas Whitman. Johnson Graham.

CHAPTER 16. — Retrospect. The Indians overcome. Chenowith's Run. Silas Garrett. Z. Carpenter. George LaPage. R.C. Nash. G.W. Robertson. R.A. Beauchamp.

CHAPTER 17. — Lulbegrud. John Smith. Thomas Boone. James French. Richard French. Grassy Lick. Elijah Barnes. Bracken. James Thompson. Gilbert Mason. A.D. Sears. A W. LaRue. Mill Creek. Samuel Carpenter. W.M. Brown. N.C. Beckham. R.H. Slaughter. Mount Moriah. Colmore Lovelace. Mill Creek. Flat Lick. Richard Thomas. Joel Morehead.. Springfield. The third attempt to unite the Regulars and Separates. Tate's Creek Association.

CHAPTER 18. — Religious dearth and its cause. Spencer Creek. James Edmonson. Nathan Edmonson. Licking. Jas. Vickers. Elk Creek. Josiah Harbert. W. Stout. Fox Run. Alan McGuire. S. Vancleave. Wm. and Casandria Ford. W. W. Ford. J. C. Freeman. Bullittsburg. Wm. Cave. Geo. Eve. Lewis Deweese. James Lee. C. Matthews. Absalom Graves. Jas.Dicken. L. Robinson. Jeremiah Kirtley. Robert Kirtley. J.A. Kirtley. A.C. Graves.
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CHAPTER 19. — Gloomy Outlook. Cartwright's Creek. Owen Owens. Joel Gordon. Blue Ash. Elijah Summers. Stamping Ground. Jacob Creath, Sr. James Suggett. S. Trott. Theo. Boulware. S. M. Noel. The Gospel Herald. J.D. Black. Forks of Licking. Alexander Monroe. Otter Creek.

CHAPTER 20. — The Gloom deepens. Union church. John Hightower. Alex. Devin. Joseph Logan. Z. Morris. Richard Owings. Stone Lick. Beech Creek. Warren Cash. M. Scott. John Holland. Good Hope. Edward Turner. David Thurman. David Elkin. John Chandler. Horatio Chandler. Willis Peck. Deep Creek. James Keel. B.F. Keeling. David Bruner. Mt. Nebo. Peter Woods.

CHAPTER 21. — A small revival. Goshen Church. Wm. Payne. Edward Kindred. Raven's Creek. Bethel. Stark Dupuy. Harrod’s Creek Wm. Kellar Ben Allen. A. M. Ragsdale. Jas. Kinsolving. W. E. Waller. Long Run. Joseph Collins. Joel Hulsey. J. H. Sturgeon. John Dale. John Dulaney. W. E. Powers. Hazle Creek. Benjamin Talbot. E. P. O'Bannon. Viney Fork. Christopher Harris.

CHAPTER 22. — Great political excitement. Alien and Sedition Laws. Lee's Creek. Flower Creek. Mt. Sterling. Ridge. Salt River. John Penny. W. W. Penny. Edmund Waller. J. H. Walker. Mt. Salem. Stephen Collier. H. F. Buckner. Mill Creek. John Mulky. Dripping Spring. Robert Stockton. Robert Smith. A. McDougal. Mt. Tabor. A. Davidson. Jacob Lock. John Murphy. R. Hunt. M. W. Hall. R. T. Gardner. Jas. Brooks. Sinking Creek. A. Clayton. Jesse Moon. Sulphur Spring. John Howard. Isaac Steele. Muddy River. Lewis Moore. L. Page. Philip Warden. O.H. Morrow. Beaver Dam. A. Taylor. D.E. Burns. J. S. Coleman. J. M. Penay.

CHAPTER 23. — Political features. Bracken Association. Flat Lick. J. M. James. D.F. James. Robert McAlister. John James. Somerset. Thomas Hansford. Daniel Buckner. Four Mile. Elk Lick. Fourteen Mile. Henson Hobbs. Eddy Grove. James Rucker. Blue Spring. Ralph Petty. Thomas Edwards. N. G. Terry. Christiansburg. John Metcalf. John Edwards. Joshua Rucker. A. Cook. T. M. Daniel. Newcastle. Isaac Malin. Thos. Vandiver. Thos. Chilton. Thomas Smith. E. G. Berry. W. A. Caplinger. R. Ryland. Buck Creek. W.E. Waller. T. M. Vaughan
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CHAPTER 24. — Political quiet. Infidelity. Bad morals. Apostasy of preachers. Dry Creek. Moses Vickers. Ghent. John Scott. L. D. Alexander. William Johnson. Corn Creek. P. Vawter. Jesse Vawter. John Vawter. Wm. Buckley. Geo. Kendall. Archer Smith. Eighteen Mile. J. A. McGuire. D. N. Porter. J. B. Porter. J. S. Dawson. A. E. Shirley. Kings. W. P. Barnett. Concord. Cornelius. I. C. Tracy. Seth Bradshaw. Boggs Fork. Squire Boone, Jr. Close of the Century. Statistics.

CHAPTER 25. — Doctrine of the early Baptists in Kentucky. Universalism. Eternal justification. Slavery. Early customs. Ruling Elders. Laying on of hands. Feet washing. Quarterly meetings. Benevolent enterprises. Education. Effective preachers. Strictness in discipline. Paying preachers. Character of early preaching.

CHAPTER 26. — Influence of France. Voltair. Tom Paine. Scarcity of Bibles, and other religious books. Low state of religion

CHAPTER 27. — Beginning of the great revival among the Presbyterians. The Methodists join with them. Camp-Meetings. The great Cane Ridge meeting. Children in the great Revival. The Falling Exercise. The Jerks. Rolling. Running. Dancing. Barking. Laughing Visions and Trances.

CHAPTER 28. — Multiplication of sects. New Lights. Springfield Presbytery. "The Christian Church." The Shakers. The Cumberland Presbyterian Church. The Millennial Church [Shakers.]

CHAPTER 29. — The Great Revival among the Baptists. Statistics in 1803. Effects of the revival. Missionaries sent to the Indians. Union of Regular and Separate Baptists. Terms of general union. Full union of all the Baptists in Kentucky. Arianism in Elkhorn Association. Split in South District Association. Rupture in Elkhorn. Formation of Licking Association.
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CHAPTER 30. — Presbyterians in Kentucky. Their early history. They equal the Baptists in numbers. Their superior advantages. Their disadvantages. Unfitness of their preachers. They demanded fixt salaries. Pasquinade on Father Rice. Early history of the Methodists in Kentucky. Manner of worship. Their claim to Catholicity. Catholics. Episcopalians. Other sects. Baptist statistics in 1810.

CHAPTER 31. — Revival of 1810. "The Shakers." The first Baptist periodical in the West. Foreign Missions. Judson and Rice go to India. Become Baptists. Baptist Board of Foreign Missions. Kentucky Baptists all favored Missions, previous to 1816. Origin of opposition to Missions. John Taylor's Pamphlet. Daniel Parker. The Two-seeds doctrine. Revival in 1817. Choctaw Academy. Statistics.

CHAPTER 32. — Outlook in 1820. Alexander Campbell. The Christian Baptist. Campbell's opposition to Missions. Attack on the Ministry. Opposition to supporting preachers. The spirit of Campbell's teaching. Revival of 1827-9. Georgetown College. Issachar Pawlin. W. Staughton. R. Giddings. D. R. Campbell. N. M Crawford.

CHAPTER 33. — Divisions among the Baptists. Licking and Red River Associations. Origin of Bethel Association. Progress of Campbellism. Action of Beaver Association. A list of Campbell's errors. Frankfort Church's letter to Franklin Association. Wise precaution of Elkhorn. Boones Creek Association advises the abolition of its constitution. Action of other Associations. The war of 1829-30. Called session of Franklin Association. Its Circular Letter. Final action of several Associations on Campbellism. Statistics for 1829, 1830, 1832 and 1835.
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CHAPTER 34. — Sad condition of the Baptists, in 1830. Division of sentiment. Kentucky Baptist State Convention. Its history and dissolution. A gloomy period.

CHAPTER 35. — The General Association. Two results follow its organization -- a Split and a Revival. The Revival of 1837. Protracted Meetings. American and Foreign Bible Society. Kentucky and Foreign Bible Society. China Mission Society. Statistics for 1840.

CHAPTER 36. — The Antimission Schism. Antimission preaching. China Mission Association. Indian Mission Association. Isaac McCoy. American Baptist Home Mission Society. American and Foreign Bible Society. Kentucky and Foreign Bible Society. Western Baptist Theological Institute. Ministerial Education Society. The Financial Crash of 1841-2. "Under-ground Railroad." Alabama Resolutions. Southern Baptist Convention. The Revival. Statistics.

CHAPTER 37. — Great prosperity. American Bible Union. John L. Waller. Temperance Reform. Temperance Societies. Sons of Temperance. Good Templars. Legal Prohibition. The license law. Action of the General Association. Know Nothingism. Old Landmarkism. Sunday Schools. Southern S.S. Union. W.S. Sedwick Revival of 1858. Statistics for 1860.

CHAPTER 38. — Religious prosperity in 1860. Education. Baptist Schools and Colleges. Georgetown Female Seminary. J. E. Farnham. J. H. Rucker. Bethel Female College. J. W. Rust. T. G. Keen. Bethel College. Samuel Baker. N. Long. E. M. Ewing. P. U. Ewing. H. Q. Ewing. B. T. Blewett. George Hunt. W. W. Gardner. The Civil War. Revival of 1864. Touching Incident. The colored Baptists. Agricultural and Mechanical College. Statistics for 1870.
[p. viii]
CHAPTER 39. — Condition of the Baptists in 1870. Orphans Home. Mary Hollingsworth. J. Lawrence Smith. Mrs. J. Lawrence Smith. Southern Baptist Theological Seminary. J. P. Boyce. John A. Broadus. B. Manly, Jr. W. H. Whitsitt. Sunday School interest. Provision for aged ministers. Centennial Celebration. Prohibition. Female Missionary Societies. Statistics for 1880.

[J. H. Spencer, A History of Kentucky Baptists, Volume I, 1885; rpt. CHR&A, 1984.]

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