1901 Reunion of the Second Kentucky Cavalry,CSA

There are twenty-nine members alive of Company F, Morgan's Second Kentucky Regiment. Of this number, fifteen met at the home of their comrade, D.A. Campbell, Memphis, May 28, 1901, and were guests of his home during the reunion
      N. W. Lea (Captain), Clarksdale, Mississippi
      Houston Hopkins (First Lieutenant), Augusta, Arkansas
      D.A. Campbell (Orderly Sergeant), Memphis, Tennessee
      R. A. McWilliams, George Finley, R. E. Dejarnett, H. C. Moore, and W. A. Jones, Holly Springs, Mississippi
      G. H. Black, Lafayette, Alabama
      W. C. Hamner, Water Valley, Mississippi
      C. G. Sharp, Lexington, Kentucky
      J. W. Cunningham, Warren, Arkansas
      John Crump, Lula, Mississippi
      T. J. Ross, Trion Factory, Georgia
      Hi Rodgers, Shreveport, Louisiana
      James Sims, Nashville, Tennessee

This company was organized at Holly Springs, Miss., with Thomas Webber as captain, and joined John H. Morgan when he had only a battalion.

Source: Confederate Veteran, Vol.IX, No.6

Thank you to Bobby Mitchell of the Kit Mott, Camp # 1379, in Holly Springs, MS for providing this information.

Regimental Flag of the 2nd Kentucky Cavalry

This is the original regimental colors of the 2nd Kentucky Cavalry. However, it was later used by General Basil Duke as the flag of Morgan's Brigade. It was given to Morgan's mother, Henrietta Morgan, after Duke's surrender in Georgia in May, 1865 and was cherished by her until her death in 1891. The flag is now part of the collection of the Filson Club in Louisville, KY; and maybe also be seen in the print "Thunderbolt" by artist John Paul Strain (detail seen below).

Hoist: 30" ; Canton 19" x 19" ; 14 Stars, including a KY Star Colors: Stars are white on a blue canton, the outer bars are red, seperated by a white center bar. The flag is silk with a silk tape border, and was attached to the pole by two pairs of ties of white silk in gold cord intermixed. *******************************************************************
Special thanks to Bill Bright, assistant curator of the Kentucky Military History Museum of Frankfort, KY for providing this information.

Trooper G. W. Bowman

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Greeneville, Tennessee

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1867 Reunion of Morgan's Kentucky Confederate Cavalry

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