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Greeneville, Tennessee

(Morgan's Last Stand)

Marker in front of the "Morgan Church".
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The Williams Mansion
This is where John Hunt Morgan spent his last night.
The mansion was *the* place to stay before / during / & after the war.

Another view of the Williams Mansion.

The Greeneville Cumberland Presbyterian Church
aka the "Cannonball Church".

"The Cannonball Church"
this is the view from the church across the street where
Morgan hid underneath until just before being killed.

Marker upon the "Cannonball Church".
The Andrew Johnson mentioned was later President of the United States.
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The reason why we call it the "Cannonball Church".

"...Smith ordered the artillery battery (stationed on the Jonesboro Road) commanded by Capt. Jerome Clarke (later of Sue Mundy fame) to open on the Federals in the streets around the Williams house.... Clarke's battery elevated its guns and commenced throwing shells in a high arc toward the Williams house. One flew over the rooftops and hit the Cumberland Presbyterian Church on the corner just north of the Williams lot. The cannonball is still embedded in the brick above the front door of the church, and today parishioners congregating on the beautiful antique brick sidewalks of Main Street can look up and see it, a vivid reminder of the death of the Confederate hero."
-- excerpted from "Rebel Raider; the Life of General John Hunt Morgan"
by James R. Ramage

St. James Episcopal Church
aka the "Morgan Church"
view from front porch of Williams Mansion.
The area beyond the front lawn was extensive formal gardens. The green roof church beyond the more recent parsonage, is the structure Morgan hid under just before being killed. The steeple of the "Cannonball Church" is just visible to the left of the "Morgan Church" steeple.

The bed Morgan spent his final night in.

A piece of the nightshirt Morgan was wearing when
he was shot & killed. If you look close you can still
see his blood stains upon it.

Marker dedicated to John Hunt Morgan & his men.
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Marker dedicated to the "Loyal men of Greene County".
Placed by the G.A.R.

I regret that at this time the photos upon this page have to go uncredited. I received these wonderful photos about 2 or 3 years ago & unfortuantly have lost the name of the individual who sent them to me. If you are the person who sent these to me then please contact me so I can give proper credit (hint: he had a relative residing in Irwinville, Georgia).
I humbly apologize for the missing credit.

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