Our Alternate Impression

Alf Killen's Unionist Homeguards

~ Galvanizing as Federal Scouts & Guerillas ~

Welcome to our alternate impression index.... the purpose of this series of pages is to give you some background information on the unit we have chosen to galvanize as....

So, you may ask, why have we chosen to galvanize as Unionist homeguards/guerillas?

First off, we wanted to portray a Federal unit from Eastern Kentucky, and a "generic" Western theater Federal (guerrilla) impression won't break the bank, allowing us to utilize much of our existing equipment from our Ferguson's Independent Co. impression (which an impression as yellow-trimmed cavalry or zouaves in their specialized uniforms wouldn't allow).

Second, choosing to galvanize as Unionist homeguards/guerillas who acted as a scout company for the 39th Kentucky (Mtd) Infantry allows us to continue in our role as scouts/guerillas.

Finally, choosing to galvanize as Eastern Kentucky Unionist homeguards/guerillas allows us to tell the rarely told story of the "dark side" of the Union Army, something that is little known or talked about in todays politically-correct world.

~ Contents ~

Alf Killen & his Unionist Homeguards

Alf Killen's Roster

Uniform Requirments

Photo Gallery

"Captain" Edwin Terrell
formerly of
Co.D, 37th Kentucky Vol. Mounted Inf.
Unionist Guerilla responsible for death of
William Clarke Quantrill in Kentucky.

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