"Units that served in Morgan's Cavalry Brigade"
~ 1862 - 1864 ~

2nd (Duke's) KY Cavalry
2nd (Woodward's) KY Cavalry
4th (Giltner's) KY Cavalry
5th (Smith's) KY Cavalry
6th (Grigsby's) KY Cavalry
7th (Gano's) KY Cavalry
8th (Cluke's) KY Cavalry
9th (Breckinridge's) KY Cavalry
10th (Johnson's) KY Cavalry
10th (Diamond's) KY Cavalry
11th (Chenault's) KY Cavalry
13th (Caudill's) KY Cavalry
14th (Morgan's) KY Cavalry
1st (Ward's/Kirkpatrick's) Batt. KY Cavalry
1st Batt. KY Mounted Rifles
2nd Batt. KY Cavalry
2nd Batt. KY Mounted Rifles
3rd Batt. KY Cavalry
3rd Batt. KY Mounted Rifles
Quirk's Independent Co. KY Scouts
Byrne's KY Horse Artillery

53rd Alabama Partisan Rangers

6th Batt. Confederate Cavalry
7th Batt. Confederate Cavalry

4th (Murray's) Tennessee Cavalry
9th (Ward's) Tennessee Cavalry
8th (Baxter Smith's) Tennessee Cavalry
Hamilton's Tennessee Cavalry Battalion
McCann's Tennessee Cavalry Battalion
Capt. Hugh L. W. McClung's Tennessee Light Artillery Co.(Dept. of W. VA. & EA. TN.)

Vaughn's Brigade:
1st (Carter's) Tennessee Cavalry
3rd (Lillard's) Tenn. Mounted Infantry
39th Tenn. Mounted Infantry
43rd Tenn. Mounted Infantry
59th Tenn. Mounted Infantry
12th Tenn. Cavalry Battalion
16th Tenn. Cavalry Battalion
16th Georgia Cavalry Battalion
Detachments of 60th, 61st, and 62nd Tenn. Mounted Infantry Regiments

Capt. Hooper Harris and a detail of 25 men, Co. A, 1st (McNairy's) Tennessee Cavalry Batt.(served as guides for Morgan through Tenn. into May 1862)

Ferguson's Kentucky and Tennessee Guerilla Command
Bledsoe's Tennessee Guerilla Command
Hamilton's Tennessee Guerilla Command
McMillen's Tennessee Guerilla Command

64th Virginia Mounted Infantry

Gano's Battalion (Gano's Texas Rangers)

Thanks to Steve Lynn, John C. Breckenridge # 100 Camp, SCV for providing the above information on
Morgan's Cavalry Brigade.

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