UPDATES: Drug Corporation v2.0 is finally here!

Drug Corporation

DRUG CORPORATION - the fun and harmless stimulation game on town!

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Updated: 31 Dec 2004 Friday!


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A fun and harmless game that involve in trading drugs but not to get caught by the police or zap by the alien. The objective are simple: to become the richest drug kingpin ever before.

Download Drug Corporation
[Size: 31,336 Bytes] [Total Files: 3 files] [Version: 1.0]
[WareType: Freeware] [ Zip Version ]

Consists of DrugC.exe, drugC.res and DrugC.hlp (the Help File)!

Download Drug Corporation 2
[Size: 40,387 Bytes] [Total Files: 3 files] [Version: 2.0]
[WareType: Freeware] [ Zip Version ]

Consists of DrugC.exe, drugC.res and DrugC.hlp (the Help File)!

A simple help on Installation! :
1) Ensure that you have install Winzip or Unzip application.
2) Extract the 3 files into a folder (any folder).
3) Start the drugC.exe application.
4) You can now start playing. (Press F1 for how to play) [END]

A simple help on Uninstallation! :
1) Simple go to the folder that you have extract the files to.
2) Delete the folder and it will be completed. [END]

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