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Updated: 19 Dec 2007 Wednesday!
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[Stimulation Game]:
Drug Corporation v1.0
[Freeware - Game]

Drug Corporation v2.0
[Freeware - Game]

[Mini Game]:
Mind v1.0 [Freeware]
Same v1.0 [Freeware]

[Calculation Tool]:
Time Calculator 3V
[Freeware - Software]

[PHP & ODBC Source]:
PHP code to access ODBC
[Freeware - Source Code]

PHP code using base64double to encode / decode password
[Freeware - Source Code]

Please be remind to scan the files for virus and check if the file size is the same as the size stated in the website. This is to prevent any inconvenience that might happen such as a server been attacked.

1. ACILME Development does not provide warranty / support to the 
freewares (regardless softwares, games or source codes) that 
ACILME Development had developed.

2. Limited support may be given for freewares that had been stated so.

3. Any suggestions, comments or report of freeware bugs are welcome. 
Please state them in your email and email subject accordingly 
to ACILME Development.

4. Any enquries regarding of any freewares make by 
ACILME Development can be also send to ACILME Development.

5. ACILME Development is just a small projects website and should 
not be treated as a company!.

6. All freewares (regardless softwares, games or source codes) that
ACILME Development had developed can be freely distribute PROVIDED
that all the files must remain unchanged and there must be a link
to ACILME Development ( provided
by the user.

7. ACILME Development will not send any email to anyone unless
user send an email to us which require our reply.

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