UPDATES: PHP Code using Base64double encryption / decryption to encode / decode password.

PHP Codes
The PHP codes can be download from here.

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Php codes can be download from this page. More coding to be listed in the future.

Download PHP code to access ODBC database
[Size: 739 Bytes] [Total Files: 1 files] [Version: 1.0]
[WareType: Freeware] [ Zip Version ]

Consists of odbcdata.php

Download PHP code using base64double to encode / decode password
[Size: 728 Bytes] [Total Files: 1 files] [Version: 1.0]
[WareType: Freeware] [ Zip Version ]

Consists of base64x2.php

Notes: Visit this page for latest updates of php codes. New php codes will 
be publish. Please read the disclaimer or terms or conditions stated in
the help files or at the main page.

IMPORTANT: All the php source codes stated here are freeware! 
No warranty or support is given.

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