"It's for the freakin' children!"

The King of the Hill Quotes Page: "Board Games"

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Quotes from "Board Games"
Written by Sivert Glarum & Michael Jamin
Directed by Kyounghee Lim & Boohwan Lim

MINH: No after-school program? Now who Connie gonna tutor? Bums in railyard?

HANK: Your initiative is really impressing me, and not just because you're ladies.

PEGGY: "For the children," on three. Ready? One, two, three...
PEGGY, MINH, NANCY: For! The! Children!
BOBBY: For me!

NANCY: I bet this must be very exciting for you, Minh. Where you're from, you probably didn't have the freedom to criticize your government.
MINH: Why would I criticize government in Laos? My father was General, I do what I want. I was peasants' worst nightmare!

KAHN: Three women can't fill one position. This school board seat, not Boomhauer's hot tub.

PEGGY: Let's not lose sight of why I'm doing this -- it's for the children. I'm not saying Minh hates children, but I really love them. They are three of the five points in my five-point plan. I haven't quite figured out the other two yet. I was thinking something about America.
HANK: Wow! Dynamite!

BOBBY: Mrs. Souph' and Mrs. Gribble are waiting in the living room. Here's breakfast. And I typed up the monologues from Leno and Letterman.
PEGGY: Good work. Now I need you to highlight last week's Doonesburys and tell me why they're funny.
HANK: Peggy, are we out of butter?
BOBBY (to Peggy): It's behind the cottage cheese.
PEGGY: Behind the cottage cheese!

PEGGY: "Minh to Win." I don't get it.
MINH: What not to get? I'm Minh. I want to win.
PEGGY: Maybe we should focus-group that. (thinks) Uh-uh. Women 18 to 45 will be turned off.

HANK: I'm not crazy about making holes in my lawn, but I guess it's for the children.
BILL: My lawn is already dead -- maybe we could put all the signs there.
HANK: No offense, Bill, but this campaign is about hope.
BILL: Oh. Right.

PEGGY: The thing to remember, people, is that you are not gonna have to tighten your belt, because we are gonna fix the pants!

PEGGY: She has the nerve to stab me in the back. That is just not done in politics, Hank. There is no way I'm going back to college. I'm a teacher! I'm done learning!

PEGGY: Nancy, how much longer do you think you can milk this sexy weather girl act? Two, three, two years, tops?

KAHN: I told you, Minh, but no! You had to see hoboes boxing!

PEGGY: Hank, we need a bus.
HANK: We are not spending money to rent a bus.
PEGGY: It's for the freakin' children!!!

HANK: I don't really think I should mix politics and propane.

NANCY: Sug, just because I'm beautiful doesn't mean I'm harmless. Have you ever wondered what happened to the weathercaster before me?

DALE (singing):
It's the voting van,
Yes, the voting van is here,
It's the voting man
To take you to the polling place,
So let's all get on the van right now
And vote for Nancy Hicks Gribble!

NANCY: I cannot believe that Chapman lady won.
MINH: Not only that, it say here she's getting rid of after-school program.
PEGGY: And biology. And "all offensive encyclopedias," whatever that means.

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