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I Have a philosophy for you. It concerns superstition.
Where does superstition come from? The world is full of hard-headed people with no common sense.

During a time when spirituality and witchcraft were such influential elements of every-day life, people discovered clever ways to make people do the sensible thing, where as previously they would have let their own stubborness lead them to the path of stupidity. One had to use the element of fear in order to get people to think sensibly. "If you don't do this, this will happen to you." One had to think that some supernatural evil would occur in order to avoid doing it.

For example, we now say that walking under a ladder brings bad luck. Let's think about this. What is at the top of a ladder? Somebody with a bucket of paint, some tools maybe--like a hammer. What if you walk under the ladder and by some means disrupt it? Th bucket of paint might fall on your head, or the hammer. Or let's just say you're REAL clumsy, you might make the ladder fall. Then it's not just your own bad luck, but also the person at the top.

But people will walk under the ladder anyway. So, during this very influential time, some very clever person said. "Hey! I suppose I have to scare this idiot to get him to walk around it." So say you'll get bad luck. Very vague, but effective.

Another example is the mirror. They say you'll get 7 years bad luck for breaking one. Well, I'm sure mirrors weren't always as plentiful as they are today. A person who broke one mirror might not be able to easily obtain another one. Especially since, back then, mirrors were ornate, and finding the wood (and carving the wood) to frame it, I'm sure, took more than a couple of days. How long might it take to get a mirror after you broke one? A week, maybe? That's a long time to go without seeing what you look like.

And back then especially, when you had wigs to put on (straight) and all that ridiculous make-up. Get a maid who resents you (and you don't know this) to do your make-up for you, and you're really screwed. Going to answer your door looking jacked up could effect the rest of your life, as social lives back then were amongst the highest of priorities. Seven years bad luck is only a minimal length of time to suffer. So maybe that superstition came from someone's personal experience.

For every superstition there is, I'm sure it can be rationalized to something simple, such as what I just mentioned. If you find a situation that doesn't fit, e-mail me at and I'll do it for you.