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Who am I?

A woman sat in the town square amazed as the painter began. He brought out navy blue and used cross strokes to completely cover the canvas. Then some brilliant yellow and orange were used in the upper right corner. A lady in the back of the crowd whispered "heís painting a picture of the SunÖhe should call it 'Our Star'". The painter dabbed some brown and green to use in the lower left. A vertical design began to appear as it tapered toward the top with green curved strokes on either side that became larger as he descended the paintbrush from the top of the vertical tapered form. A man in the front said "Iíve got some of those on my farmÖhe should call it 'The Lone Fir Tree'". The painter painted more trees, grass, bushes, a creek, and animals. He then brought out bright colors and started arcing them across the top. A kid in the middle of the crowd yelled "Mama, heís painting that Kidís show; whatís it called?" and his mother said "no dear, heís painting a rainbow". Finally a man said "I canít wait any longerÖwhat is this painting titled?"

The painter stopped in mid-stroke and turned to acknowledge the man. He said "so far Iíve painted some great trees, bushes, animals, the Sun, and even a rainbow. When I'm painting, I continually assess what improvements need to be made. Sometimes the tree is smaller than I wanted, so I add more trees. Sometimes the animals are too big, so I add more bushes. Sometimes the painting turns out different than the plan I had before. Iím not finished with this painting yetÖitís a work in progress. You can call it 'Our Star', but thatís only a small part of the painting. You can call it 'The Lone Fir Tree', but now there are other trees. Iíll tell you that I cannot name this painting while itís a work in progress."

I could name a title, career, certificate, hobby, relationship, or accomplishment to describe who I am, but each one is only a part of who I am. Iím a work in progress; developing emotionally with experiences, expanding titles with training, and growing spiritually with enlightenment. Iíve thought, especially during some phases of life, that I could answer the question "who am I?", but most answers would change over time. I can, however, answer that question for this period of timeÖ"Iím a work in progress".

- Dana Lumley

I enjoy spending time with my three dogs... Butch, Chioni, and Danny. I often relax by playing the piano, guitar, bass, saxophone, and trumpet. I also like to spend time with my family, camp, canoe, travel, and fly.

I'm an instructor pilot (AGI, IGI, ADX, CFI, CFII, MEI) at the U.S. Air Force Academy in Colorado Springs, CO and have taught for the Yellow Jacket Flying Club in Atlanta, Georgia and Southeastern Flight School, in Macon, Georgia.

I got out of the Air Force after spending time as an instructor navigator on the KC-135A/R, C-130E, and HC-130P where I accumulated around 3,000 hours as a navigator.

I enjoy New Life Church and the World Prayer Center located in Colorado Springs.

My hometown is Valdosta, GA.

I went to Lowndes High School, Troy State University (B.A.S. in Resource Management with minors in Aerospace Studies and Music), and Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University (Graduate work toward a dual M.A.S. in Aviation Safety and in Aerospace Management)

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