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Twenty-seventh Generation

359. Rufus Uriah Morrell (Virginia Tyner , Martha Jane Mize , William Mize , Sarah Jemima Wyatt , Thomas Ballard Wyatt , John Wyatt , John Wyatt , John Wyatt , John Wyatt , Haute Wyatt , George Wyatt , Thomas Wyatt , Elizabeth Brooke or Brooks , Thomas Brooke , Margaret Nevill , Edward Neville , Ralph de Neville , Maud Percy , Henry de Percy , Eleanor FitzAlan , John FitzAlan , John FitzAlan , Isabella d'Aubigny , William d'Aubigny , William D' Albini , Adelicia Princess of ) was born on 21 Dec 1904 in Plains,Sumter,Ga. He died on 21 Apr 1951 in Sylvester,Worth,Ga.

Rufus married Lona Mae Casey daughter of John William Casey and Frances Ophelia Cowart on 18 Jul 1920 in Plains,Sumter,Ga. Lona was born on 11 Jan 1904 in Cartersville,Bartow,Ga. She died on 10 Feb 1978 in Albany,Doughtery,Ga.

They had the following children:

+ 364 M i Rufus Uriah Morrell was born on 13 Mar 1921. He died on 9 Oct 1990.
  365 F ii Virginia Mae Morrell was born on 9 Mar 1923 in Plains,Sumter,Ga.
        Virginia married Weldon Ciciero Bruce on 19 Sep 1942 in Fort Valley,Peach,Ga. Weldon was born in of,,Ga.
  366 M iii James Casey Morrell was born on 20 May 1925 in Plains,Sumter,Ga. He died on 21 May 1925 in Plains,Sumter,Ga.
  367 M iv Richard Tyner Morrell was born on 26 Aug 1932 in Americus,Sumter,Ga.
        Richard married Ione Reid Robertson on 18 May 1956 in Thomaston,Upson,Ga. Ione was born in of,,Ga.

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