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Date: Thu, 12 Jun 1997 17:53:40 -0500 From: MS PHYLLIS KRAMER Subject: LDS Center in Manhattan (2) Some special jewels are in the permanent microfiche: for instance a Gazetteer of Poland (#6000369), the SPIS Gazetteer, which lists every community alphabetically and displays Town Name and type of locality, Next larger administrative unit, County Seat, Wojewodztwo (Province), Post Office, Railroad Station, and the Vital Records Office. The first few pages should be photocopied as they give translations of column headings and abbrevs used, notes on alphabet, and a list of provinces used by the LDS. Also the Gazetteer of Galicia, 1907 Microfiche# 1187928 which shows area in hektars, populations of men/women/children broken down into Germans, polish and other, and also broken down into roman-Catholics, grieschkatholsch and israelitsch...i.e.: how many Jews were in the individual towns at that time. Since it's grouped by province, you can easily figure out the names of towns quite nearby. There are also a number of microfilms on permanent collection, including many of the Hamburg Passenger Lists......and they have a good booklet describing the Hamburg Lists. I would suggest you look through their permanent collection lists. And, of course you can order any microfilm or fiche from the collection. Hope this answers some of your questions...

Subj: NYC Births at the LDS
Date: 96-03-01

Dear Jewishgen, Some of you may not be aware of how easy it is to get birth info from NYC. I just came from a short visit to my local LDS branch. There I found some films for early births. The LDS is a convenient way to get various vital records if you live far away. I encourage others to do some digging and post their results...

NYC Births for Manhattan (LDS film #'s)

1893-1897      1322458
1898-1900      1322459
1901-1907      1322460
1908-1909      1322461
1910-1913      1322462
1914-1916      1322464
1917-1918      1322465
1919-1920      1322466
1921-1922      1322467
1923-1924      1322468
1925-1927      1322469
1927-1927      1322470
1929-1930      1322471

Be aware that after 1909, the actual births
are not on the film, just the index.
shared by James H. Gross

Date: Mon, 14 Aug 1995

Dear fellow researchers, In a recent trek, I made it to the Isaac Franck Jewish Public Library, Lehrman Jewish Community Center, Rockville,Md. (301-984-4455) Among the things I saw was this info on vital records, specifically, NYC birth records and city directories. This was found in the newsletter, "Etz Chiam" , vol 4,no 3,spring94,pg#13 Index to NYC birth records Index " " 1898-1903,#1322459 Index " " 1904-1909,#1322460 Index " " 1910-1911,#1322461 Index " " 1912-1914,#1322462 Index " " 1935-1936,#1324922 Index " " 1937-1941,#1324923 Index " " 1942-1946,#1324924 Index " " 1947-1951,#1324925 Index " " 1952-1956,#1324926 City Directories Manhattan & Bronx City Dir: 1904-1905 #1404071 1909-1910 #1404072 1910-1911 #1404077 1933 (a-g) #1404096 1933 (h-r) #1404097 -------------------------- Date: Mon, 10 Nov 1997 23:12:07 -0500 From: "Judith D.Bennett" Subject: FHL Passport Application Films For those looking for passport applications, I have had good luck with the Family History Library collection of Passport Application Films. Found under Computer Number 437973 in the CD Rom catalogue. (Long search for that, they had to phone Salt Lake to locate it.) TITLE: Passport Applications, 1795-1924; Indexes 1830-1831, 1850-1852, 1860-1925 Listed under United States Immigration and Naturalization Service. It is a series of 2090 microfilm reels. The indexes are alphabetical, by year, on index cards. It ends in mid 1925. The passport applications are filed by date of application. It can be quite a search. Without an idea of when the passport was issued it will be like looking for the needle... Oddly (or as usual) the person I was looking for did not show up on the index cards. However, I had the passport date and number ( the year was 1921) and I found the application, where it was supposed to be, with the information I had hoped for. Hope this is of use. Judith Deutsch Bennett

Zalescikia, Austria LDS info:

I found film # 0757268 + 0757269 listing births & marriages from 1763-1836. The area was referred to as Tarnopol, I repeat TARNOPOL. There is also film #0757278. Be advised that these films are not in English.

Shakiai, Lithuania LDS info:

The Mormon church has some info listed under film# 1496955, item#4-7 Contents: civil registrations of Jewish births,marriages,deaths text in Polish til 1868,then Russian. Record found under : 1.Lithuania, Sakiai-Jewish Records 2. Poland, Wilno, Szaki (Braslaw) - Jewish records
Date: Fri, 26 Dec 1997 00:25:06 EST From: RWeissJGS Subject: Jewish Lithuanian Resources at FHL in SLC Dear Landsleit: I had a few days to spend at the Family History Library last September in conjunction with the FEEFHS International Conference, and would like to pass on some notes on Lithuanian Jewish resources that may be found there. This list is only a sampling, but may be useful to some of you researchers. LITHUANIAN YIZKOR and HISTORY BOOKS (Includes Latvia and Belarus references) "Pinkas Hakehillot Lithuania", Dov Levin, Ed., Yad Vashem, Jerusalem, 1996 (in Hebrew) Call No. EUROPE 947.5/H26ph "Lithuanian Jewish Communities" by Nancy Schoenburg and Stuart Schoenburg, New York and London, 1991, 502 pages (in English) "The Jews of Lithuania", Masha Greenbaum, Jerusalem and New York, 1995 405 pages (in English) Call No. EUROPE 947.5/F2g "Sefer Hazikharon LeKehillat Yurburg--Lita", Yevulun Poren, Ed., Jerusalem, 1991, 24 pages (in Hebrew) Call No. EUROPE 947.5/J1/F2s "Vilna", by Israel Cohen, JPS of Philadelphia reprint 1992 of original 1943, 531 pages (in English) Call No. EUROPE 947.5/V1/F2c "Destruction of Jewish Vilna" translation by R. Beliauskene from Yiddish original "Khurban Vilne umkum fun di Yidn in Vilne un Vilne gegent ..." (list of Jewish residents of Vilna killed during WWII. Includes some occupations, ages, place of registration, etc) Call No. EUROPE 947.5/F2k "Sefer Zikhron Zelva", Yerakhmiel Moorstein, Ed., Zelva Committee in Israel, 1984. English translation by Jacob Soloman Berger, Mahwah, NJ 1992, 141 pages (in Hebrew)Call No. EUROPE 947.65/Z1/F2z "Wolkowysker Yizkor Buch", Dr. Moses Einhorn, Ed., New York 1949 (in Yiddish and English) Call No. EUROPE 947.65/V1/F2w "Geschichte der Juden in Riga bis zur Begruendung der Rigischen Hebraeergemeinde in 1842" by Anton Buchaltz (in German) Call No. EUROPE 947.43/R1/F2b Microfilm 1183577, Item #6 LITHUANIAN JEWISH RECORDS (Selected from the catalog of 11 Mar 1997) LITHUANIA, KAUNAS--Emigration and Immigration Lists related to emigration through Hamburg, Germany including lists of emigrants not sailing on emigrant ships, list of Jewish refugees, lists of those held back from emigration: Film #1732431 Band 1-2 1871-1887 List of persons who shipped out Band 3-5 1850-1914 Chron list Band 6 1905-1907 Alphabetical list of Jewish returnees Band 7 1906-1913 Persons sent back Band 8-9 Band 10 1897-1899 Persons leaving Kovno Band 11 1906 Jewish orphan children (pogroms?) from Russia LITHUANIA--CONCENTRATION CAMPS "...1941-1952 metu Lietuvos trestiniai..." Alphabetical list by region of persons sent to Siberian work camps from Lithuania 1941-1952 Book Call No. EUROPE 947.5/J7m LITHUANIA, EMIGRATION AND IMMIGRATION (Also MINORITIES) Index cards with genealogical information on Lithuanians of German descent, arranged alphabetically within year (1816-1877, 1884) Film #1539248 Item 11 LITHUANIA, JEWISH RECORDS "Documentary Sources on Jewish History in the Archives of the CIS and the Baltic States" by Dmitri A. El'iashevich, St. Petersburg, Russia 1994 Book Call No. EUROPE 947.5/A3e "Jewish Vital Records, Revision Lists and Other Jewish Holdings in the Lithuanian Archives" Harold Rhode and Sallyann Amdur Sack, Teaneck, NJ, 1996, 149 pages (in English) Book Call No. EUROPE 947.5/F23r USEFUL LITHUANIAN REFERENCES "Lithuanian Personal Names", CIA, Washington, DC, 1968, 1 volume, 36 pages "Gazetteer of Lithuania--Names Approved by the U. S. Board on Geographic Names", Defense Mapping Agency, Washington, DC, May 1944, 476 pages shared by R Weiss
5. LDS Jewish Vital Records of Poland on JRI-Poland website: ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ The JRI-Poland website lists every known Polish-Jewish vital record microfilm by towns, years, types and film numbers. The website link is: "Listings of all known LDS Polish Jewish Microfilms" Webmaster Steve Zedeck has just added a very useful column. The table now indicates when a specific film is available in the two largest FHC collections outside the LDS Family History Library in Salt Lake City. These are in the LDS Family History Center in Los Angeles and DOROT (The Douglas E. Goldman Jewish Genealogical Center at Beth Hatefutsoth, Tel Aviv.) Plans are under way to add a reference to those films on permanent loan in the New York City Family History Center. ----------------- Date: Thu, 8 Jan 1998 18:25:28 -0700 From: Ken Meyerson Subject: Re: Finding Aids and the 1910 Census Hi, All: Re: Geoff Shapiro's question on what the "finding aids" are. here's the scoop. 1) The key is to have a street address to look up in the census. You might have this from personal records of your ancestor (e.g., marriage certificate, SS5 records, etc). -OR-if you can find your ancestor in one of the available city directories, that's the ticket right there. The city directories available at least at the LDS church in SLC and their microfilm reel numbers follow below: for 1908/9: 1404075 (set #1), or 1606128 (set #2) for 1909/10: 1404076 (set #1), or 1606129 (set #2) for 1910/11: 1404077 (set #1), or 1606130 (set #2) for 1911/12: 1404078 (set #1), or 1606131 (set #2) I would check all of the above directories for your ancestor :). You get this under your belt and boom! -you're done with it for good! 2) If you now have an address, ask one of the FHC assistants for the microfiche that has the enumeration district (or "ED") for addresses in New York City. you have the ED. Hold tightly onto it! 3) Go to the NYC 1910 unindexed census cabinets that have the reel which includes the ED in question. 4) Try to find a microfilm reader that has a magnification setting (trust me). Scan through the reel of microfilm for the ED you seek, which should be listed on each census sheet near the top right part of the page. Once you are in the right section of film, bring the viewer back to the left side of the page which is where you will see street names (written on a vertical line running from top to bottom of each page), as well as family names and address numbers (still on the left side of the page, but this time on normal horizontal lines). 5) You should be able to find the sheets for the street you are looking for, and also the address on that street. Once you are that point, start looking for names and hopefully you will find your family in there. If you do, consider yourself fortunate! Before you consider a manual search of the 1910 Lower East Side ED's, consider this first: if there is any possible chance that any or all your family arrived in NY before 1900, I would strongly encourage you to check the 1900 census (which IS soundex indexed!) in case they appear there. This was the case with my ggf Max MEYERSON's who's family arrived in NYC in 1895. By finding this entry in the 1900 census, I had an address which I used to quickly find their corresponding 1910 entry using the 1-5 method listed above. By the way, I eventually did end up looking through two full reels of Lower East Side EDs just to get it out of the took about 4 hours for each reel but if you have the time I would consider doing never know what you might find in the way of clues. Don't forget to eat a snack once and a while, and avoid eyestrain at all costs. Happy Hunting! Ken Meyerson Date: Wed, 14 Jan 1998 21:30:14 GMT From: R&A Gordon Subject: Yivo Guide to Landsmanshaften Archive The Yivo Guide to Landsmanshaften Archive is now available from the FHC in Salt Lake City. Order #6088444. Hope this information is useful. Rhoda Gordon ---- Date: Fri, 20 Feb 1998 13:28:07 EST From: james gross Subject: Re: NYC city directories In a recent post, Susan ( inquired about NYC city directories. As this is a useful reply, I am sharing it. The answer is LDS. Especially if you are "out there" in MN. You should get a hold of as much LDS reference info as you can. I would first try your local JGS (if you have one) and go thru all the Dorot issues. The main LDS in NY <125 Columbus Ave NY NY 10023 212-873-1690> has a good deal of lists (of film #'s). You may want to call/write them and ask if they will copy and mail some to you. I'd imagine they'd charge copy & mailing cost. I have 10 pages of LDS NYC city dir info. Most of it is from the LDS microfiche. I also have some info (NYC dir LDS#'s) at my webpage too. James H. Gross e-mail: LARKLANE@JUNO.COM -------------- Date: Mon, 9 Mar 1998 14:31:26 EST From: james gross Subject: HIAS: An Aid for finding Elusive Relatives Hello, In a recent post, Jane Steinhardt ( inquired about trying to find elusive people who don't seem to appear in the passenger index soundex and/or on the ship manifest pages. As an assist to her and everyone else, I will mention another source some of you may want to try if you have "elusive relatives". In the course of my research, I have had numerous occasion to reference HIAS immigrant records. I have used the Balch Institute in Phila, Pa. As most of you are not near Phila, there is an alternative way for you to get access to a bit of this material. The only source that I am aware of for these records is via the LDS family history centers. I used the word "a bit" as I do not definatively know if ALL of these records were microfilmed by the LDS, only that I did copy all the listings that I found in the LDS catalog. As you may know, HIAS was a Jewish organization devoted to helping new immigrants who needed Ellis Island translation help, job assistance, accomodations, and/ or some money to help the new immigrants get admitted to the US. I have about 9 pages of film #'s copied from their microfiche. I found them listed under the subheading of: Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, Philadelphia -- Jewish Records, Hebrew Immigration Aid Society Emigration and Immigration, Hebrew Immigrant Aid Society Emigration and Immigration, Jewish petition cards... Emigration and Immigration, Jewish Immigrant aid societies... Emigration and Immigration, Hebrew Immigrant Aid Society Naturalization and Citizenship, Hebrew Immigrant Aid Society The above info is mostly for Phila though I have found a number of people who were listed with final destinations. Many of these people, though not all of them, were listed being en route to NYC. James Gross Cherry Hill,N.J. LARKLANE@JUNO.COM ---------- Date: Sat, 4 Apr 1998 20:40:30 -0800 From: "Louis A. Fine" Subject: Famiy History Center The reels contain the Marriages reported in all 5 boroughs: name of the groom, date of marriage and certificate #. The LIst: BOROUGH---DATE----------------------------------------FILM # Brooklyn 1894-1897 ------------------------------------1653852 Manhattan August 1888-Nov 1893 (A-K) Manhattan Nov 1893 (J-Z)-----------------------------1653853 All boroughs 1898-1899 Manhattan, Bronx 1900 Brooklyn, Queens Richmond(Staten Isle)1900---1653854 All boroughs 1901-1905 All boroughs 1906-1909--------------------------------1653855 All boroughs 1910-1913--------------------------------1543903 All boroughs 1914-1917--------------------------------1543904 All boroughs 1918------- (A--Hippler, Arthur C.) All boroughs 1918------- (Hippler, Arthur C.-Z)---1543905 All boroughs 1919-1921 All boroughs 1922-1924--------------------------------1543942 All boroughs 1925 (A-Jabelon, Samuel) All boroughs 1925 (Jabelon, Samuel-Z)------------1543943 All boroughs 1926-1927 All boroughs 1928 (A-Randozzo-Granzano) All boroughs 1928 (Randozzo-Granzano-Z)------1543944 All boroughs 1929-1931 All boroughs 1932 (A-Cirincione, John) All boroughs 1932 (Cirincione, John-Z)------------1543945 All boroughs 1933-1935 All boroughs 1936 (A-Tate, Alvin L.) All boroughs 1936 (Tate, Alvin L.-Z)-----------------1543946 All boroughs 1937 I hope this will be helpful to those hunting for NYC marriages at the turn of the century. Louis A. Fine Tacoma, WA ------- Date: Wed, 8 Apr 1998 22:53:51 -0400 From: "Joan C. Brown" Subject: Re: Manhattan-1890 LDS Film #1304789 ends with 8th Assembly District, E.D. 1 and 2 (which was missing before filming). Film #1304790 covers E.D. 3 thru E.D. 16. Film #1304791 covers E.D. 17 thru E.D. 29 Film #1304792 covers E.D. 30 and 31. This area is basically bounded by Bowery, Stanton, Clinton, Rivington, Norfolk, Essex, and Division on the lower East Side. LDS Film #1304782 ends with the 3rd Assembly District, and begins the 4th A.D., E.D. 1thru 19. Film #1304783 covers E.D. 20 thru 37 This area is below Division, Catherine, E.River, past Jackson Street. I have yet to finish with the film. Some of the writing has faded badly, and some appears to be in light pencil. Regretfully, I cannot offer to "look" for particular names. It's an eye straining experience. I can't even find "our" Kaplan though I have copied the ones I have seen. It is not impossible to use this enumeration, but it is challenging. Joan Brown, Virginia

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