The Gross-Steinberg Family Tree presents:

The Steinberg Family Tree

by James Gross

This page is dedicated in memory to
Mrs. Reba "Grandmom" Steinberg ,
gone but not forgotten...

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The Steinberg Family Tree by James Gross

Yitzhok Steinberg

    Yitzhok Steinberg
    born Panevezys, Lithuania, married in Panevezys,
    Lithuania, died Panevezys, Lithuania.
    I. Solomon Joel Steinberg
    II. Morris Steinberg.

    I. Solomon Joel Steinberg m. Breina (Saidel)
       Solomon born 1869, Panevezys, Lithuania,
       married Aug 18 1893, in Panevezys, Lithuania,
       Breina born in 1873, Panevezys, Lithuania,
       A. Albert Steinberg m. Anna (Skobinski)
          Albert born 1897, Anna born Jun 15 1897,
          1. Walter  Steinberg.
          2. Harold Steinberg.
          3. Seymour Steinberg.
          4. Arlene (Steinberg) Maisus.

       B. Dr. Nathan Steinberg m. Reba Eva (Green)
          Nathan born 1898, Panevezys, Lithuania,
          married 1929, in Phila,Pa,
          Reba born 1904, Phila,Pa,

          1. Dr. Louis Steinberg
          2. Bernice (Steinberg) Gross
          3. Joan Selma (Steinberg) Levinson
          4. Dr. Joel Sholom Steinberg

       C. Edna Steinberg
          born 1902, Panevezys, Lithuania.

       D. Elsie (Steinberg) m. Albert Gilderman
          Elsie born Feb 19 1907, Phila,Pa,
          1. Larry Gilderman.
          2. Sheila (Gilderman) Segal.

    II.  Morris Steinberg m. Sarah (Gold)
         born Panevezys, Lithuania,
         married Sarah (Gold)
       A. Dr. Samuel Steinberg.
       B. Reuben Steinberg.
       C. Isaac Steinberg.

       A. Dr. Samuel Steinberg m. Anna
          1. Sandra (Steinberg) m. Edward Amarnick
          2. Caroline (Steinberg) m. Jacob Rosner
          3. Michael Steinberg m. Sharon (Sagett)

       B. Reuben Steinberg m. Anna
          1. Dr. Lewis Steinberg m. Stephanie (Shuster)

       C. Isaac Steinberg

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