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My other car...
is a 48 Chevy


Our 48 Chevy - This car used to have what can only be described as a "pencil-thin mustache" for a grille. It sort of looked like Charlie Chaplin, if he had been a 48 Chevy. Steve wisely put the original chrome grille back in it. It's been chopped 4 inches, shaved, and has a 350 Chevy/350 transmission.

Same car, different angle. Please don't look at the rusting heap of a Chevy S-10 in the background. That poor truck valiantly pushes snow every winter, but it's rusting away.

This is the car we owned before we got the 48. It's a replica 1917 Ford C-Cab. We traded this for the 48 when our daughter got too big to fold herself up into that back compartment, but she was a trooper and rode in it that way for 2 years.