The course of a Roman Road -
Rykeneld Street - going from Burton-on-Trent to Chester runs through the City of Stoke-on-Trent.  A Roman Pottery Kiln was discovered in the 1950's at Trent Vale, a suburb of the City, and a Roman Fort was situated at Chesterton in nearby Newcastle -under- Lyme.

The remains of Hulton Abbey - built in 1219 and closed down by Henry V111's Commissioners in 1538 -are within the boundaries of Stoke-on-Trent
CASTLES in Staffordshire.
Alton Castle - built by Pugin in 1847 stands on the site of a Medieval Castle built in the 1170's for Bertrum de Verdun.
Chartley Castle - The Stone Castle was built by Earl Ranult about 1220.
Eccleshall Castle - The first castle was built circa 1200
Tamworth Castle - Building was started in 11th Century by Robert de Marmion.
Tutbury Castle - This Castle was started within four years of the Norman Conquest.
Stafford Castle - The first castle was built by William 1 in 1070
Ford Green Hall built 1624 lies within the boundries of the City.
Little Moreton Hall - built in stages between the 15th and 16th Centuries is within easy reach of the City as is -
Gawsworth Hall - originally a Norman House was rebuilt in 1480

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