Our Club was founded in April 1978 in the bar of a pub called the Ford in Smallthorne Stoke-on-Trent, the founder being the Landlord at that time, Jack Millward. Since then it has grown and flourished, present membership being in excess of 90. 
We meet at the Smallthorne Victory Club in Hanley Road, Smallthorne, Stoke-on-Trent on the second Monday of every month at 8-00pm. 
Anyone interested in our hobby of Metal Detecting is most welcome - come and see the Find of the Month competition and what is found in and around the area, hear the guest speakers we get from time to time, and if you wish to join our club, you will be eligable to attend our field trips, usually arranged on a monthly basis - sites permitting!!
You will find the atmosphere in the club most welcoming, friendly and informal.  The Club - in line with many other M.D. Clubs - offers a free Recovery Service to find lost metal objects. This has proved very popular in the past.


January  2000
North Staffs Historical & Search Society
Two Digs this 'month'
Sunday June 24th
and Sunday July 8th
Emails will be sent to members on the Database -otherwise please phone Keith
The new site is being constructed at the moment so I will put a link to it here as there is a club forum on it.