Club Round-Up Page
An appropriate gift from the club to Joyce to say thank you was the main discussion between members and votes were cast as to what the members wanted to give to Joyce for all her years of service to the club.

Stuart will be booking in finds from now on and Bob Byrne will be taking care of our trophy needs etc.
The trophies have now been engraved and collected and as an added bonus aswell as the large trophies the winners will also receive minature ones aswell.

Site Officer Keith Westwood gave notice of the two digs that will take place during the next month - The first dig will hopefully be on Sunday June 24th and then another on Sunday July 8th. Venues will be emailed to members on the database. The rest of you please get in touch with Keith.

Find Of The Month winners were Chris Maudesley with an absolute superb Henry VIII Groat  and Alan Ridgeway with a beautiful  Bow brooch. Pictures are above.

The fundraiser was a raffle organised once again by Terry Windsor.

New members were reminded that they can take advantage of the club library that is run by Ian Wild. 
The IT officer Mark got approval from members for the sum of 40 per year to be used for hosting and the domain name of the new club website which will be available in the future.

Sadly Ray our previous Treasurer is in hospital, so the club will be sending a card and a basket of fruit.
Meeting Closed - 9:30pm

JUNE 2007
with a beautiful Henry VIII Groat
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for his
Bow Brooch