These two beautiful Silver Coins were found several years ago by club member Bill Stevenson
Left :  A Stater of the Coritani Tribe also known as  Coritelvu, an East Midlands tribe of 50BC.
Below : A Denarius of Vitelius dating from 2nd Century AD. This Emperor was eventually murdered by his own Troops.
Another of Bill's Collection ,
an Edward l Half Groat.
This Coin is known as a Tealby Penny due to
the distortion of its shape and the man who first came across them. Henry ll is the monarch and it's date is 1154-85.
This Coin was found by Lee Wagstaff
Meanwhile in Scotland Alexander lll was on the Throne - and this coin of the second issue is Circa 1280. It was found  by Colin Corden.
1558-1603 and Elizabeth l is our Queen.
This Sixpence was found by member  Keith Pay
As with the Artefact Page - all these coins have appeared over the Years on our Find of the Month Table . Also as with the Arefact photo's, they take time to appear, but are worth the wait!!
James l of England - Vl of Scotland - 1603 - 25 - is next on parade !! This Sixpence was found by George Baker.
This is a Half Groat of Charles l (1625 - 49) and it was found by John Sale.
And this little Beauty is a George lll Spade Guinea.1760- 1820  It gets its knick name from the Spade shape of the Shield on the Reverse side. Found by Terry Hall
George ll  1727-60 . This beautiful gold Half Guinea was probably bent on purpose to form a Love Token . It was found by Trevor Arthur
Charles the Bold Double Stuiver - also known as Double Patards. 1467-77 Europian Coinage.
Found by Terry Hall
And Finally .... This little Chappie kept us all guessing for a while - including it's finder Terry Keeling.
Treasure Hunting Mag gave us the answer when it identified an identical coin as being Venitian.