These are some of the Artefacts that have been on our Find of the Month table over the years. I hope you find them interesting, and see what can be found even in what is considered to be the Industrial Midlands.
Please remember pictures take time to download - but I'm sure you'll find it worth the wait!!
This Little fellow, made of Bronze and identified by our local museum as a Roman War God stands 2" high and was found by Roy Owen
Two Fibulas - one Dolphin and one Knee Brooch - by magic shown twice to see top and side views !!
Found  by
Bill Stevenson
This lovely little Item is a Celtic Toggle  found by   Geoff Glover is a pretty smart find!!
A Jacobean Knee Buckle
shown closed, and open to see the Maker's Mark. This neat find was made by Keith Pay.
Three Seal Matrix - all dating from round  16th/17th Century, two silver one bronze.  The first one depicting a mythical bird was found by John Sale, the second with the initials I.W separated by a thistle was found  by Keith Westwood  and the third one which depicts a fish (Pike??) over the initials A.F. was found by Lee Wagstaff .
Too large to be a Hat Badge we think, this unusual Regemental Artefact was found under floor boards  by a friend of
Stuart Stanyer.The rest of its History a complete mystery to us
Can you identify it??
This Sword Chape was found  by Bryn McDonald.
Circa 15th Century
A lovely Annular Brooch in an unusual shape Circa 13th Century was found by William Scott
This solid silver Dog-nose Table Spoon was found by George Baker.
The hall marks depict the maker - John King, a renown maker in his time, discribed as a "Spoonmaker of Repute"- the date, 1665 and the fact that it is solid silver, and made in London. It also bears the figure 10 on the shaped end of the handle - could this have been it's number in the set???

This late 13th Century Silver Annular Brooch was found by Bill Stevenson and is at the moment awaiting the decision of the Coroner as to whether it is declaired Treasure or not.  As it's value is at best around 100 to the Crown, Bill is keeping his fingers well and truly crossed as it is a fine specimen and worth it's weight in Gold to him!!!