Terry Keeling - BROWN EDGE
Terry Keeling is a resident of the Village and as a regular visitor to the local pub, he is often heard discussing his Hobby with friends and fellow Club Members John Goodwin and John Mellor.  Recently the organiser of the Young Wives group interrupted their chat to invite them to give an informal talk on their hobby.
So.... on October 7th, Terry, John Goodwin and Club Secretary Joyce Baker went to do just that !!
Terry and John - Setting up done, trying to look relaxed before the Villagers arrive
Our Temporary Display doesn't look too bad either does it ??
Set out on Black hard plastic sheets, nothing fastened down so's they can be easily examined and (below) lots of printed information too - including our Free Recovery cards!!
Terry draws to the end of his talk and issues a challenge for the audience to identify one of the artifacts - a seal ring pipe tamper - the prize ?? The wine of course !!  Seems to do the trick - lots of interest generated  Lots of questions too with John on hand to provide answers
Terry showing the Mystery Object to a very interested group.
We were made extremely welcome and our hours talk and demonstration seemed to go down very well.
Here we can see the ladies discussing what has been said and the gentleman reading one of our Laminated Press Cuttings concerning a recovery done by the Club.
Being as it's a Young Wives group, I am delighted to say we attracted their other halves this evening !! Must have been an interesting  topic eh??
Thank you to the Villagers of Brown Edge for inviting us.
Oh yes !! And Congratulations 'Doreen' on winning our Wine !!