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Hopefully, this is what I will end up with!
     Welcome to John's Hot Rods website.  The primary goal of this site is to document the build process of a Factory Five Racing '65 Roadster replicar.  However, I will take this opportunity to also showcase my other project a '71 Chevrolet Nova and also various other high performance cars that I have interest in as well.  Websites like this one continue to fuel interest in the hobby I share with thousands of people around the world.  Many things can be learned and shared through websites related to hobbies and I hope to accomplish that as well.  I have spent many, many hours researching, learning, and just enjoying the information, pictures, and technical help that so many have made available, and I hope to give a little back to that community here.

     I will try and keep this website as up to date as possible throughout the build process with regular updates.  The website will be broken into four main sections as identified by the navigation section at the top left-hand side of the page.  The actual build site will be broken down further into actual stages of completion as needed, and journal entries and pictures will be provided also.

     Thanks for your interest and visit often for updates!   


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