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"Truly the old landmark once stood, and having fallen, it was deemed proper to reset it." (The Baptist Encyclopedia, 1881, p. 868.)
"[T]here are many elements in Baptist history which bear an obvious and direct relationship to the tenets of the Landmark system and which clearly demonstrate that the architects of the movement, "the Great Triumvirate," were building on a foundation in Baptist life which was already laid." LeRoy B. Hogue, "The Antecedents of Landmarkism"

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Old Landmarkism
The Baptist Encyclopedia, 1881
William Cathcart, Editor

"An Old Landmark Reset."
By J. M. Pendleton

Old Landmarkism
A History of Kentucky Baptists
J. H. Spencer, 1886

The Origin of the Appellation: "Old Landmarkism"
By J. R. Graves

Ten Premises of Landmarkism
J. R. Graves

Added 8.22.09
Why We Are Not Protestants
By Daniel Chamberlin
Broken Arrow, OK

Added 1.22.09
A Response to Errors on Landmarkism
Landmark Southern Baptist Weblog
By Ben Stratton, January, 20, 2009

Added 12.2.08
The Historical Context for the Rise of Old Landmarkism
by Keith Harper, 1986

The Problem of Baptist Succession
By Wendell H. Rone, Sr.

Georgia Baptist Association Circular Letter, 1811
"Our reasons for rejecting Methodism,
or Paedobaptist baptism by immersion, as invalid."
By Jesse Mercer

Baptist Succession
By W. W. Everts
The Baptist Quarterly, 1877

The Church in the Wilderness
By W. W. Everts, Jr.

The Church and the Ordinances
By Buell H. Kazee, 1965
A twelve-chapter book.

Baptist Waymarks
By Samuel H. Ford, 1903
A fourteen-chapter book + appendices.

The Beginnings of Landmarkism
By Robert A. Baker, 1966

Articles of Faith of the Green River
Association (KY), 1800

Defence of the Philadelphia Confession of Faith
By T. T. Eaton, 1900

The Philadelphia Baptist Association on Authority in Baptism
From the Association Minutes

Valid and Invalid Baptism in Kentucky
Spencer's A History of Kentucky Baptists
Vol. II, 1886

Dr. A. M. Poindexter on Pedobaptist Immersions
The Christian Respository, 1879

"J. R. Graves - Life, Times and Teachings"
By Samuel H. Ford
A twelve chapter bio and three short bios.

Historical Sketch of North Springfield Baptist Church, Vermont
By R. G. Johnson, Pastor, 1878
[The church where J. R. Graves was baptized.]

A History of the Baptists
From the Preface
John T. Christian, 1922

Baptist History Vindicated
By John T. Christian, 1899
With An Introduction by T. T. Eaton

Nature of the Church
By I. K. Cross, 1990

Baptists Not Protestants
By C. C. Carroll, 1937

Baptist Baptism Before 1641
By Joseph Angus

Alien Baptism in the SBC in 1915
By W. P. Throgmorton

Lessons on Church Authority from John Gano
By James R. Duvall

Landmarkism in Early Boone County (KY) Baptist Churches
By James R. Duvall

John Broadus on Landmarkism
A Letter in 1876

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A Study of the Antecedents of Landmarkism
By LeRoy B. Hogue
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Old Landmarkism -- What is it?
By J. R. Graves
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The Trail of blood
By J. M. Carroll
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El Rastro de La Sangre
por J. M. Carroll
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The Anabaptists
By William Cathcart
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Sunday School Lessons on Landmarkism
By K. David Oldfield
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Theodosia Ernest
A Theological Novel on Baptism
By A. C. Dayton
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