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Lauren - Gala
Size: 6K
Summary: Jane and Trent get new neighbors.

LaurenGirl - Kindness Of Strangers (1/3) 
Size: 48K
Summary: Trent, Jesse, Jane and Daria decide it’s time to head to Santa
                 Monica for a weekend of beach fun. however, as they have more
                 and more fun, Trent starts to feel something he’s never felt before
                 about Daria, and isn’t sure how to deal with it. He can’t tell Jane or
                 Jesse, they might spill it to Daria. What’s he gonna do?

LaurenGirl - Kindness Of Strangers? (2/3)
Size: 19K
Summary: See part one.

LaurenGirl - Wash Me (1/?)
Size: 12K
Summary: Daria spends the night at Jane's house, but receives an unwanted and
                 unexpected visitor the next morning...

Leland, Pat - The Storm
Size: 10K
Summary: An interesting turn of events occur when most of Lawndale is
                 trapped under the school during a Tornado.

Link - Canadian, eh?
Size: 36K
Summary: Tiffany's cousin from Canada comes to visit and befriends Jane and
                 Daria. The three girls hatch a plan to mortify the Fashion Club.

LunaJane - Daria On Assignment
Size: 14K
Summary: Daria wins a trip to see Sick, Sad World being filmed.